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The devil on my shoulder
is here again,
his words echo in my ears,
trapping me in his petty lies.
I’m sinking deep into
his blue eyes,
luring me through his seductive
slowly but steadily
he is erasing my
until there is nothing left
except emptiness inside my soul.
A collab writing I did with a photographer
One day I met her, and
oh, it felt good.
I didn’t bother
from where she was coming
and where to she‘d go next.
For that moment
I felt complete again-
Happy, content, smiling, joking,
laughing, jumping, talking-
I was certainly floating
on a wave of emotions,
even if I had stolen them
from someone else.

I sat beside her
rubbing my arms against hers
even if she was not mine
to be touched,
to be felt,
to be kept
but, for that moment
I couldn’t stop
thinking about
touching her hand,
kissing her lips,
keeping her in my arms,
even if I knew
it would only last
for that moment,
and then,
someone else would hop on
to be with her
for a lifetime journey,
kicking me far away from her,
in an abyss of
despair and loneliness.
It was inevitable,
and I couldn’t stop him, so
before she’d wave me goodbye,
before she’d toss my memories
in the trash can,
before she’d reach that place-
where I spent months
adoring, caressing and loving her, where she’d stop seeing me even in her dreams and imaginations;
I wanted to feel her;
I wished to stop the clock;
I craved to be in her arms
for the last time.
Was that too much to ask for?

I finally plucked up the courage
and reached out for her hand.
My hands touched hers and she turned to meet my gaze-
I wish she wouldn’t have pulled her hand away like that;
at that moment,
as I was losing the warmth of her fingers,
I felt something snatched away
from me
something dear to my heart,
something which belonged to me.
In that one split second, I watched my dreams being ravaged by a simple yet heartbreaking two-letter word,
which she said abruptly.

My world shattered into
million pieces
never to be put back together,
and among them
I lost my poor heart,
maybe buried
like a carcass into the soil.
I should go back
and find him.
But until then
“Let’s cherish this moment,” she grinned
while raising her glass of wine.
Oh I am in love
I realised this
When your absence seeped through my life,
obliterating myself from it,
In my faded memory somewhere in the corner
I’m imprisoned in the night you left,
when you walk out of this door
with tears rolling down your face,
And drowned in ego and anger
I remember, I didn’t even call you out.
I realised this
after you’re long gone.
Now I’m just waiting for
stars to fall
to grant me “you”as a wish
or take me to you,
I realised this
Oh I was in love then,
Oh I am still in love
with you,
after you’re long gone!
Someday when you board
the train to my station again,
I’ll be waiting for you,
on the Platform 2.
You’ll look in my eye and
I hope you’ll stop by
and ask,
“How I’ve been?”
Will it be too much if I ask
to spend this evening with me
just like we did 195 days ago;

your head in my lap
as I run my fingers through
your hairs and watching the
sun rays touch your face
for the last time

O darling, can you just
what you told,
so I can remember
someone is already
waiting for you
back home
And no matter
how many trains you miss,
I am always bound to lose you.
I had a desire to travel
across the ocean and
explore the deserts.
But how long
will I scrape your memories
to fly with my severed wings?

Will you help me
in getting the ashes of this body
so that when the storm comes,
I can whisper my last words
and travel far away,
drifting for eternity
around the globe.

— The End —