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Marie K 1h
When love dies slowly
We are reluctant to blow on its embers
But quick to cry on its ashes
Marie K 2d
Lethargy is dangerous
When you're trying to walk
She makes your head heavy
Makes it painful to talk

Another day sacrificed
For her convenience
What can I do
She makes living tedious

I did nothing
But simmer in bed
You're pathetic guilt said
Spreading atop me like a heavy blanket

Now paralyzed
I count the hours
Till a new sun flowers
And tells me to rise
a familiar visitor not so welcome
Marie K 4d
Boat boat
Take me afloat
A sailor's never dull
Oh! Let me hold your hull

The sea is not a toy
She only likes the old
Who have come not to scold
Her waves and changing tides
But love her rocky deadly sides
Those whose feet sink on land
Those drunken sunken, bland

Return in a few years
Once you've tasted enough tears
To know the sea is sweet
Marie K 4d
If we weren't so adamant
To silence what a ****** man meant
Maybe right and wrong would unfold
It's useless to do right just cause you're told
Marie K 4d
Monster monster
Under my lofty bed
Put away your nasty claws
And silence your gnarly jaws

Come lay beside the child
You've scared and scarred
I haven't slept since you've appeared
Not friend nor foe but creature feared

Now I know your teeth don't grind to bite
They clatter as you shiver through the night
So tonight come lay your head
Come morning help me make the bed


Death death
Drowning my heavy head
Close your voided eyes
Take off warmth as a disguise

Come lay beside a woman
Lone and lost
I still can't sleep and still I leer
Under my bed to seek a simpler monster to fear

So lay be empty next to me
I guess you're not so scary to see
You're even beautiful when you want to be
(fear of death)
Marie K 4d
The ride home is always shorter
Thank god
The ride from it is longer
Much longer
Because fleeing children need the road
To be large
And twisted
Bumpy where it shouldn't
Flat where it couldn't

The ride home is always shorter
Because time breaks it's golden rules
For homesick travelers

The ride home is always warmer
Because blood rushes to the roots
And feet skip and hands ****

The ride home is always shorter
So no matter how far you run
To nearest or furthest sun
Turn around and here it cries
The ground upon which home lies
Marie K 4d
I want to write myself into eternity
To trap my words in a cosmic slew
Then to die
And write anew
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