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Rahel Aug 2019
my heart's sold out.
I promise
that you'll find another one.
I bet you'll realise
my heart wasn't worth chasing.

Rahel Aug 2019
People talk about
our perfect smiles,
Just a camouflage
for sins and lies.
Pretty curtains
and fairy lights,
Only God knows all
that we well hide.
Their blank stares are enough
to shush our cries,
Trapped inside concrete bars,
Has the world gone blind?
Hearts they’ve turned to stone,
twice we’ll die
Handshakes all along
a façade we provide.
Smile for the camera
don’t show your dark side,
Hug your brother now,
Or you’ll pay a price,
**** him later on
And we’ll never mind.
Sadly floating through
the paths amplified
with broken pieces of
our souls cast aside.
Wedding bells ring loud
For the Devil’s bride,
White is what we wear, it’s
black inside.
Can’t escape from this,
No suicide,
Don’t look through our veils,
You’ll be horrified.

For all those who find their demons within their families.
Rahel Aug 2019
I know I'm in love when all the hair on my arms stand up to greet you,
I know I'm in love when my heart whispers every second, "I love you too."
I know I'm in love when reality seems to cease,
I know I'm in love when you become the only guy I want to please.
I know I'm in love when I can picture us in a tiny little place we call home,
I know I'm in love when I realise that I'll never walk alone.
I know I'm in love when I see you smile,
I know I'm in love when you see beyond my 'I'm fine.'
I know I'm in love when my heart skips ten beats at once,
I know I'm in love when the same heart teases, "Girl, believe me, he's the one."

I know I'm in love. :)

Hello, H.
Rahel Aug 2019
Knives from within
I don't know what I've done, I know no sin.
Is all I feel.

Wish it was physical
Right now, I'm teetering over a pinnacle.
Is all I feel.

Shushing myself
Does it hurt to **** oneself?

For all those in pain.
Rahel Aug 2019
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
If I was found dead,
I’d blame you.

For all those who are dead inside and want to blame someone.
Rahel Aug 2019
I thought
that you were
my knight in shining armor.
Turns out,
you had
put on
an armor
to shield yourself
from my demons.

You are no knight.

For those foolishly in love.
Rahel Aug 2019
To be loved
a feeling
so beautiful,
one that you
may not
know of,
but is still

Never unlove

For all those who are loved, and for those who want to be loved.
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