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  Mar 2016 Laura
I can taste the colours of your kiss
Fiery crimsons bursting through
Mellow yellows
Exploding into sweet tangelo
Cool blues
Turning violet
As my senses play this quiet duet

I hear music when you touch me
Bass lines throbbing alongside
Exotic rhythms
Tumbling into trembling strings
Soaring voices
Dulcet tones
Within your music my body groans

I can smell flowers in your words
Tender Honeysuckle pervades
Alluring Rose
Sweet Alyssum quickly follows
Heady Jasmine
Lascivious Lilies
Impressions that set my spirit free

You muddle my mind with euphoria
Sensibility rearranged
In anticipation
Of this intoxication
I live
In Synaesthesia
Whenever you are near

(C) Pixievic
A friend issued me a challenge to write a poem about Synaesthesia (the ability to taste colours or see smells etc) this is what I came up with .....
Laura Jan 2016
How dare you make such an impression on my mind
When before you were merely a blimp in the back that I hardly noticed
Now you’re an all-consuming thought that I can’t seem to ignore
And these images of you gnaw at my very core
It’s cliché but that’s what it is
What it was
I walked out that kitchen wanting, yearning, to tell you so much more
But a simple goodbye was all I could muster
I suppose there was a lot unsaid between us
Trust me; your flirtations did not go by unheard
In fact they made waiting tables even less of a chore
And even though indifference is a trait that I feign
Your sweet words and playful pokes
Made me blush behind closed doors
I’m not ashamed to admit
I wish you would reserve those black eyes solely for me
And I would sometimes peer over the line to watch you
Scrap away at the grill, partly wondering what it would be like
To feel those same arms wrapped around me and to hear your deep voice
Brush over the nape of my neck
Or what it would feel like to have your hands
Clutching the back of my head
I so wanted to push at your sleeve and trace my fingers
Over your tattoos, pressing you to tell me their significance and importance
Why you would choose to ink these things onto your skin
But such intimate scenes of you I fear will only exist in my imagination
You mentioned we were different, very different indeed
Our backgrounds and life experiences are on opposite ends of the spectrum
And I fail to see what a single dad could offer a post-college grad
Most perplexing of all is that my heart really does reside with another
“I saw you have a boyfriend, does that mean I’m out of the picture?”
In all sound theory, yes it does
Unfortunately. Maybe. I’m not entirely sure.
But for now I assure you
These thoughts of us that rest within my head
Are best left unsaid.
Laura Jan 2016
“You’re perfect”
“Perfect? I’m not perfect I have my flaws like everyone else”
“Even your flaws are perfect”
Such a heavy word, I suppose this flattery should make me grin like a school girl
But honestly it’s kind of terrifying
You’re placing me on such a high pedestal and I’m scared that one day I’ll fall off
I’m terrified that eventually you’ll wake up and glance over at my face
And you won’t see this perfect angel anymore
Only a boring routine in need of some serious changing.
Laura Oct 2015
Not Sure.
I guess that’s how I would describe us
How I would describe my stance with you
Are we a we? Is there an us?
I feel like there could be
Should be, you see
I feel pretty natural around you
“I’ve never been with a girl I can just be myself around,”
Well what’s holding us back?
Let’s dive into this thing head on
Oh but…but…
There are a lot of “buts” between us
But we don’t live in the same city
But you’re afraid and nervous of commitment
But you lose interest in women easily
But it’s just not a good time in our lives
“I want to be your boyfriend but,”
It sometimes feels as if my happiness with you is on the other side
Of a tightrope I’m struggling to keep balance on
Or more specifically it’s the distance between San Antonio and Austin on 35
And I hope I’m not dodging all those 18-wheelers for you
Only to get dumped in the end
I also know that happiness with you is as simple as eating Blue Bell
On a lazy Tuesday afternoon in your bed
Or teasing you in the soda aisle of HEB for your
Single-guy gamer-esque love of Mountain Dew
Happiness with you is as simple as laying my head on your chest
In the middle of Zilker Park with stars and Downtown Austin in the background
Or playing Smash Brothers in your living room
Happiness with you is even as simple as hearing your hearty laughter
It’s more contagious than you probably realize
I just keep thinking it feels so right
Whatever this is between me and you
But relationships are a risk, no matter how they’re pursued
Maybe this is for real, but it could just be temporary
I don’t really care quite honestly
I just want to soak up every moment with you
Laura Jul 2015
You are a fleeting moment for me
For you see, I know how the pace of whirlwind romance flows
We tug and push and pull and grind
Sop up that exciting newness of freshly
Daunting skin and glances
Thirsty to drink what we feel is unknown
Thriving to delve into the sheets of a
Mysterious lover whose past we hope they unfold
But after the initial surprises die down
Surely a new conquest will be on the rebound
So I won’t mold you into something you’re not
Let’s enjoy the ride and this hasty lustful high
Laura Jul 2015
At work today I saw a young couple
That reminded me of a time
When we were a we
The girl was cute and chubby
With a sweet face and soft glance
Not unlike me
The guy was slim and gawky
With glasses hanging off the bridge of his nose
He probably held a plethora of knowledge
And a few good nerdy facts to boot
Not unlike you
I wondered about the two of them
How they met, whether they were officially dating
Or just on a first date
I wondered how they felt about each other
If she was brimming with hope for him
Not unlike how I was with you
I wondered if he felt a deep attraction to her
If he wanted to discover her more
I wonder if they were meant to fall in love
And live their happy ever after
Surrounded by their children whom they would adore
And yet I wondered if there was another girl
That continuously burrowed a hole into his soul
She had such a firm grip on his heart
That this boy knew she would never be able to replace
Not unlike how I was to you
Laura Jun 2015
To you,
Dear friend,
My sweetest taboo,
That once in a lifetime,
Perfectly sculpted masculine muse.
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