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polina norris May 26
a world stripped of soul
a world stripped of grace and beauty
devoid of color
black and white
drowning in sorrow
suffocating in vain
a gaping void of what used be as holy as the heavens
but is now only a pile of ashes and burning embers
in this world
in this hollow world
the sun's rays are bitter
the streets are weary
in this empty purgatory
laced with misery
a world with purpose is unfathomable
so all stays quiet
as we watch the world drag on with our silent eyes
eyes as shy as the moon
is this really our reality?
is this really what we are supposed to call our home?
this world of black and white?
this is what we see until she
her cheeks made of sunsets
her eyes made of a thousand suns
her smile the shape of a crescent moon
for she is the color
she could spin gold from a world of nothing
as she bursts with rays of warmth
her soul so ablaze the sun was envious
her world none like ours
for she can see past our world of black and white
and paints herself with all sorts of hues when the world left her to be grey
she wraps herself in a blanket of fairy tales
set adrift sailing among a sea of fantasies
till she taught us how to dream too
to escape this mundane world
and soon enough us too were torn from the world of black and white
we are thankful to her
for igniting the fire within us
no longer leaving us to feel somber nor dull
for we can see
we can see her
we can see her light
her generosity
her virtue
her passion
she is treasure
cherished and admired
we can see her now
we can see that she is pure
the mere sight of her is blinding
now that we can see color
we can see that she is golden
-the color of hope in a black n white world
polina norris Feb 13
a fire
nipping at my heels
devouring me from the inside
a black flame
eating me up
coursing through my veins
constricting me like a python
till there's no room left to breathe
obscured in fury
lost in the flames
her heart
overflowing with kindness
so much she was basically choking on it
trying to mend the world
by giving some of her humanity to those who lacked any
to those suffocated by their cruelty
until she had no more kindness to give
she to was drowning in hostility
-polina norris
set adrift among my fantasies
wrapped in a blanket of fairy tales
gazing out the window
to this distant world
till i am torn from my dreams
-my imagination
me in English today lols
you are a brisk January dawn
a breath of life
a new beginning
you are a flourishing butterfly
fluttering into the crisp sky
at the break of day
-polina norris
her cheeks
made of sunsets
her eyes
made of a thousand suns
her smile
the shape of a crescent moon
she is as beautiful as a sunny azure blue sky
-my muse
fragile as glass
here she stands
in the hands of wrath
my girl
made of porcelain and glass
has risen at last
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