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Polaris Jan 21
We used to live here.

Behind these memory-soaked doors still dripping with feelings we shut out,
Where the faint smell of lies keeps lingering long after the liars have left.
This is the place we once called home, only to realise we took the wrong turn again.
We've learnt that just because the lights are on doesn't mean we are welcome here,
And it became clear that you can leave your things here, but expect them to leave you too.
As is turns out, reframing is only for thoughts, not for pictures hiding decaying walls.
I wonder when the locks have changed, because no key I ever try seems to fit.
Maybe we stayed because we thought this is the only roof that won't collapse under our past,
After all, we used to live here.
Polaris Dec 2020
Don’t hate this body with its curves and hollows
They are snowy mountains and sunlit valleys
Many would adore, for it is life and beauty;
Don’t hate these scars, scattered on you
They mark the trail leading to the great you
An inquisitive path with such wonderful views;
Join the journey, for this body is rooting for you
Polaris Oct 2020
I folded a brave new world out of every-coloured paper
And I sat on its throne like a victorious world-shaper
Little did I know, that my throne would whimper and fall
Under the growing weight of memories and life in its all
Just know, there’s a fine line between shining canvas birds
And rainbow paper crane fires with their flaming hot words
As stories ignite my mind, you’ll see, it takes delicate to fly
But if you’d like to be in this radiant light, you must never cry
Your tears will erase the wild colours and blur the bold edges
And no one will witness the paper birds build gracious bridges
So stay awhile, fold your secrets into painted canvas hearts
In this fragile old world, let’s be masters of paper crane arts
Polaris Sep 2020
When you sang, the world stopped to listen
And the sun covered you in all its grace
The pavement pulsed with your heartbeat
As if to prove, your lifelines are everywhere

I can give you nothing but the audience
Of me and a million adoring goosebumps
I think I have forgotten about magic, so
I am grateful you brought it back with you
Polaris Aug 2020
Waking up with the imprint of your lips on mine,
Yesterday’s lies have drawn shadows on my face
Nightfall holds the door for the kiss of death again,
For I've learnt to welcome these beats like old friends
Polaris Aug 2020
Time, you are such a cruel mistress
Flowing, unshaken by terrors
Never looking back at
This world you
Thus we
Live and die
Like pieces of sand
Falling into a tidy heap of
Passing thought in an hourglass
Polaris Aug 2020
You told me to give you my voice
The same voice that gave me a choice;
Chords curving into a blanket of love
And intonations that fit me like a glove
A weapon, sharper than a butcher’s knife
Tunes capable of bringing our truths to life;
You don’t get it, my voice is all I ever had
Even my silence tells stories, maybe I’m mad;
If I shall be mad, I would rather be raving
To explain the surrender I am still craving
To let your fingers sound my every string
To borrow my breath when you want to sing
To keep my keys if they guide you to compose
To write with my words, take my poetry and prose;
Should you still wish for my voice after you heard it
I might just think, you adored my melody a bit
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