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pyrite 2d
if i split myself into
all the stars in the sky
would you wish on me

forgive me
for my inexperience

my words refuse to flow
so let my hands lips body
paint you a picture of our love
pyrite 4d
in a park
with the afternoon sun
making your eyes glow and
the soft green grass caressing
our legs as we sit
side by side

i wonder
if you remember me like this
everything is the same everything is changing im glad im here i want to go back i wish things would go faster i need more time i miss you thank god you left lets be best friends again dont ever talk to me
pyrite 5d
as dawn breaks and my heart heals
as the moon slumbers and eternity unfolds
into our hands joined together

fingers intertwined like
flowers that grew towards the sun
except we are each other’s suns
and each other’s flowers too

threads of fate woven so tightly that
both of us are unable to tell
where mine starts and yours ends
like that one time you tripped over
your own shoelaces because
neither of us could untie the knot

you are mine and i am yours
and maybe we can even call it love
but how long can i deny the
kind of person i know you need

someone who cares and reassures
and not someone who blanks out for
hours and cannot understand the
subtleties of human emotion and
you need someone who is not me

i yearn for a future unwritten
pyrite 7d
i hurt for the 7 year old
who is taught again and again
that happiness is a privilege
and mothers don’t really care

i hurt for the 10 year old
who has too many secrets
and thinks that they will all be buried
with her too soon

i hurt for the 12 year old
who just wants to be loved
and looks for home in
everyone but herself

i hurt for the 16 year old
who carries too many scars
and cries too many tears
and is too much and still not enough,

never enough
this poem is unfinished because my hurting isn’t over
pyrite 7d
i was born to hurt
this body was engineered
to suffer in chains

i am so tired
of falling for the same trap
every single time

hide the hope away
before you take that from me
stab me already
stop being so nice to me. what’s the catch
pyrite Sep 9
today was a september day
the kind of day that gives me
no choice but
to go out and eat sushi and
buy supplies and do work

faces pressed up against
the glass window like the
watching this fragile thing breathe

as the sun slows and the storm
quiets and the wind whispers
my own secrets to me
and my heart opens up like
the blooming of a bud

under my bed there is a dusty box
of diaries and photos that tells
the story of a faceless dreamer
pyrite Aug 28
there are so many things
i want to say i know it’s
not a competition but
i win anyway, call that
comedy, tragedy, irony
definitely not family friendly
poisoned apple, rotten tree
and trust me there is no fun
doing what needs to be done
it’s extermination but
i guess you can call it
survival of the fit
funny how you didn’t
ever trust me

you were right
it’s too bad you’re too dead to fight
you just wanted me to love you
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