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I stand on the edge of the mine,
while I wait for my potions to brine,
I mine all day long.
Maybe I’m wrong,
But there could be diamonds right there.
I mine for that blue shine in despair.
Hoping that Iĺl find it here
Trying to be a Musketeer,
I went straight down,
Im looking around,
But no diamonds!
Iĺl never see the horizon
until Iĺl find the shine
It may be the life line.
We all felt like this before. Mining for diamonds, looking for that blue rock. And finally finding them. Even for a pro, you'll always remember that first shine.
And then in just a click of a button,
I'm all alone. Nothin' but 2 Mutton.
For I have been stranded,
and perhaps abandoned
from my dear friends.
I see some stems
of an old tree, dying in despair.
I see a new land offshore,
but the distant island has no grass.
I went to the cave, nothin’ but bats.
So I went deeper forward,
toward the mighty horrors.
I found some iron and gold,
I make a tool to behold.
After some more iron,
I acquire some attire.
Then suddenly, out of the dark abyss
I found my true and only bliss!

After a few days more,
I have my tools galore.

A long time from then…
I built myself zen
All along the old island,
a long time after my first diamond,
I see something strange…
I know something’s a change
I see it coming closer,
I peek out like a toaster.
And there a person behold!
He was in a boat, looking bold,
I went out to the shore,
After all, I’m not gonna ignore.
I love Minecraft

— The End —