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Denise Egan Feb 27
Tears flowing like a river; hands trembling like an earthquake,
The pool I drown my sorrows in erupts – like a volcano,
It rushes through me like a great tidal wave. A tsunami.
Destroying every inch of my frail self,
I am nothing but a dormant bomb, waiting to explode,
Waiting; waiting for final peace, whatever that may be,
And even though you have broken me in two, I forgive you,
Day after day.
As I reconstruct my shattered heart you tear it apart. Ruthless.
Oblivious to the repercussions of your cynical actions,
But whatever it may be, I shall get my final peace,
Even if I must forgive you,
Day after day.
Denise Egan Jan 26
Brightly you burn; dancing in the ever so gentle breeze,
I flutter cautiously; dodging your odd, dangerous flicker,
How could I be drawn to something so dangerous?
Something that could execute me in one swift movement,
But I keep fluttering, around and around and around,
Until I become so exhausted that everything becomes a blur and I fall to the pits of despair,
It would take a thousand words to describe my devotion to you,
Every moment spent in your angelic presence renders me incapable of logical thinking,
So I rise once more, for you to watch my shadow play on the walls of your heart.
Denise Egan Jan 11
There’s an emptiness inside,
I can feel my cries and screams bounce around my hollow chest,
This false hope you instilled in my mind makes my heart shatter,
Into a thousand pieces,
Each carrying their own sickening weight of sadness and regret,
That regret has destroyed me, tarnished my soul.

Your smile burns bright in me like an eternal flame of hope,
Occasionally that flame flickers in the wind of doubt but it never dies,
You never die from my mind and body,
Since the day you first spoke those sweet words I have been hooked,
I love you like an addict loves *******,
As if I need you to stay alive, as if you are my oxygen and without you my lungs will collapse,
Often I catch you running through my mind like water through my hands,
But I can never apprehend you because you are hers, forever and always.
Denise Egan Dec 2018
As the tears streamed down her face she wondered how she had got there and what she had done to deserve this pain,
For the happiness had been vanquished from her body; and life held little hope for this insignificant prisoner,
But still she clung to her microscopic fragment of hope,
Because without it she would fade away into oblivion; become just another trapped soul in the land of the tortured.

Everything she thought she was gaining seamed to slip through her fingers like water,
Only in her dreams was she happy, for she had created a false reality in which she had the world at her feet,
But nothing last forever, not success, not happiness, not love,
Because eventually,
I always wake up.
Hey guys so this is my first poem. It is an open form poem.

— The End —