Arms wrap around heads
Shoulders tense
I was alive
I am still alive
But missing vital organs
Crackers and bean bags take me away
How can I know for certain
Really just don’t read this
It doesn’t make sense
Until now I could have forgiven you
And I did
But you just had to kill me one more time
i wanna l-oo-ve
but im broken-hearted
i wanna ta-ll-ke
but i've got nobody
i wanna c-c-ry
but i like to party
i don't know what to do
some days you just don't feel like enough
and nerve endings snap
at the slightest touch
hypersensitive feelings fray
and i can't cope
if you are hanging out with new people do you ever feel like you are an inconvenient waste of time ???
dance dance
you made me smile
i was happier in ways i didn't expect
and i hope that it's gonna last
one two three four
that's the sound of fear
dripping down our spines
force fed by men who care
about money and the way that girl wore her top down low  
one women raped and hung up like a doll
on a tree
found by young innocent children
gang rape and crime against women
we need new ink
black ink
and it all comes down to
the colour of your skin
or the clothes you put on your body
or the gender that you chooses.
one misogynistic bastard
is all it takes
to ruin someones life
You smelled of daisies
And fresh sheets
And I love you
Woah you mean the world to mee
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