it is all i dream of now.
running between cold sheets
and warm breath
in between should i go
or should i stay
the light cascades around
my hair
confusing my eyes.
your face in my dreams
what do i think
what are you thinking
i hate the way i feel
but i love the feeling
after we talk
its reckless and beautiful
each time
The knife is plunged
Deep into my fragile chest
Just missing my heart
The blade
Cold and hard
Chews down on
Soft warm skin
Breaking the surface
Like a stone
In water
My hot tears
Mingle with your breath
As you try
To save me
Clutching my chest
To stop the blood
I tell you I love you
And we cry in silence
Just a continuation of the blood is on our hands
Thanks to Paul Hansford for suggesting to continue it
It's been a long time coming
Babe take me away
Kiss me under the dark sky
while stars dance above
Some cheeky daydreaming
Green light splays across his chest.
Falling feathers.
Whispers in his ear
Run with me.
Closed lids
Over hazel eyes
Shutting out the world
Green and blue.
You will never get far from life
Always catching you.
No matter how hard or fast you run.
The carnage is never far behind
And the cry to join the killing field is strong.
You will have blood on your hands
I will too
Are we really ready for that?
At 16
Do you know
That you want to be
Responsible for the deaths of people??
Yeah sure
Flying a airplane seems fun.
Trust me
That's my dream
But innocent blood
Is not what I want to spill.
If people
Cry over spilt milk
Spilt blood will produce
And anguish that can't be reversed.  
Joining the army
Is my dream
But I need to think first
you know what
i will be sad again
after you leave
but fuck that
i've handled worse
this is what i tell myself everyday
and it ends up being wrong
you said good morning
as i waited on the corner
we'll see how long
this high lasts
you kicked me aside
but who really cares
your loss not mine
not very necessary
but do i really not care or do i actually
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