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Infected me
With flecks of ink
In the daytime, I find myself
gazing at clouds in your eyes.
At this moment you exist.
Your eyes and the clouds within them,
a reflection in my eyes.
I exist too, for the moment with you,
underneath the same clouds.

Twenty-some odd years go by,
as I reflect on those clouds,
in the reflection of your eye.
We haven’t seen each other in a while.
Do we still exist together, below different clouds?

In the end when I lay dying,
Will those clouds in your eyes
rain the tears you are crying?
Your eyes open full of clouds,
my eyes are closing covered by shrouds.
Do we still exist together, below different clouds?
He said he said something.
Something, something.

Knife fills wound with hushes,
Pain from smokes how he brushes,
Slightly blushes,
Red then white weak cheek flushes,
The silent flood earned blood gushes.

A deep cut,
A wound wound a nut shut.

A dream of a dream dreamed dreamily,
Cyclones sliced Sicily,
As he ****** his brush deep in me.
Right in front of me.
Lust dust of skull’s rust snake slithers on,
Brain goo snake slid through that too.
SO politely.

He said he said something.
That mother of a ****** said he said that he said something.
Something, something.

I dreamed with dreams,
He lit a cigar.
I dreamed with screams,
Show and tell me a scar.

So light lungs light,
Because right wrongs right,
Lungs need a night light bright,
Lungs so bright in this firefight.

When wolves puff smoke it scars skin,
Harboring sin,
Little pigs got nut stuck skin to a skinny fin,
Took em on a ****** dim swim.

Dim dim, getting dimmer.
Dim dim, cartilage getting thinner.
Dim dim, chicken dinner.
Dim dim, winner winner.
Wet hand
Stands on dry skin

Temple of the Heart hangs a sign
Reads: Leave Compassion At The Door

Wet hand
Dry skin
Wet seeds planted
In dry linen
Remember Red,                                            
originality is not Remembered or Respected in Regards to art.

i’ll Reward you,
when you stick yourself in the photocopier.
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