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Jul 28 · 84
Here I lay
Naked and clean
The vultures have come for me
They are pecking at my feet
Tearing pale flesh from my toes
And exposing my bones
The vultures have come for me
And they won't leave me alone
Jul 23 · 62
When I Die
When my bones mimic my heart's fragility
And my skin turns gray with age
Let death hold my hand
As he inhales my last dying breath
With a kiss from his poison bone jaw
Let death take my body
But leave my memory behind
Jul 18 · 79
Turning a New Leaf
Open the windows caked in dusty melancholy
Allow the sun's strange rays through
To call the skeletons from their closet homes
Forcing them gone in hurried queue
Wake your mind from heavy slumber
Raise your weary chin
Your search for absolution
Is found once you let light in
Jul 7 · 180
When petals of a wilting rose are plucked
Do not be surprised when all that remains
Are thorns
Oct 2014 · 5.5k
Brice Katherine Oct 2014
I want to see you vulnerable.

Stripped of the protective clothing that your darkest desires mask themselves behind.

I want your knees to quiver at my touch and your body to tremble when I whisper into your ear.

I want you to be mine.
Oct 2014 · 10.4k
Lust or Love?
Brice Katherine Oct 2014
As he snarled at my nakedness, I could only help but wonder if his intentions were of lust or love.
Oct 2014 · 294
Sad and Lonely
Brice Katherine Oct 2014
Sad and lonely I am
And I only have your memories
A withered flower, an old letter
And love pounding in my chest

— The End —