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Jan 2019 · 593
Ryan Almighty Jan 2019
It is raining again today
Everything is wet
Everything is heavy
Sun has vanished in the gray sky
Everything is murky
But no one else is bothered by it because
The monsoon resides in me.
Perhaps not all clouds have a silver lining.
Dec 2018 · 318
Maybe Etheree
Ryan Almighty Dec 2018
one whose
has completed
a chapter of life;
Restoring faith in
everything disregarded once.
Separation with her is a curse;
Silence of hers is deafening;
Because only sound you want to hear is hers.
Wanted to try an etheree. Couldn't bring myself to make it better.
Dec 2018 · 720
Ryan Almighty Dec 2018
If I could forget one thing in the world,
it would have to be you;
If I were to remember only one thing,
it must also be you.
Wildfire of the memories.
Dec 2018 · 320
Ryan Almighty Dec 2018
My life is a mess,
full of ups and downs but,
she is the variable that
constantly keeps my equation of life;
maybe i overdid it.
May 2018 · 308
A Diamante
Ryan Almighty May 2018
unconditional, bottomless
yearning , nurturing,  rewarding
trustworthy,  faithful,  mindless,  hopeless  
compelling, urging, blinding
obsessive, delusional
After a long time.
May 2018 · 899
An Etheree
Ryan Almighty May 2018
like the moon,
mesmerizing that,
you can easily overlook
the imperfections in her.
She makes you want to fall in love
with her over and over again;
until the last breath followed by endless void.
Apr 2018 · 229
Depressed (Acrostic)
Ryan Almighty Apr 2018
Drowning into the ocean of thoughts
Each one of them is haunting
Perspective is all but positive
Restlessness seems to be taunting
Each second feels like eternity
Sulking and Daunting
So much pressure and so many regrets
Each one of them is haunting
Drowning into the ocean of thoughts
Acrostic with little bit of palindrome touch.
Apr 2018 · 565
Ryan Almighty Apr 2018
love in
Lanturne by the looks of it.
Apr 2018 · 579
Ryan Almighty Apr 2018
Uneasy, Insecure
Agonizing, Pestering, Haunting
Killing you from inside
Tried something new. Hope I didn't ruin it. Cinquain sort of. Inspired by APriCoT..
Apr 2018 · 2.0k
Ryan Almighty Apr 2018
I will find you and make you mine
If you are a reality
But if you are a dream my dear
Let me sleep for an eternity...
Title lost in the way. Please return if found...
Apr 2018 · 322
Wish come true
Ryan Almighty Apr 2018
Never asked for anything to shooting stars
But you came like some wish come true
These long walks are worth every step
If those steps leads to you...
Apr 2018 · 241
Ryan Almighty Apr 2018
Be successful they say,
Some say fulfilling life is success
Some say success is achieving dream someday
Unless I  can define success in my words
How can I be successful in any way?
Apr 2018 · 264
Father of a daughter
Ryan Almighty Apr 2018
He picks her up whenever she fall
Walks her down the aisle holding hand
Whole life he puts her above all
Just to see her being taken by another man...
Apr 2018 · 246
Ryan Almighty Apr 2018
We spent hours on texting and talking
Now I have all the time in the world
All these time I keep staring at ceiling
Because my phone doesn’t ring anymore...
Apr 2018 · 196
Save Yourself
Ryan Almighty Apr 2018
You are in pain, you are in misery
You try too hard to look happy, you do
I can see right through your fake smiles
Because I  have been through that too

You feel like your heart is right at your throat
When you see the love around you
All you can feel is apathy and hate
I know, I have felt the same too

You feel like crying out loud
But suppress the tears back inside you
Because you were taught grown ups don’t cry
And you believe that it is true

The fire of agony raging through your heart
Burning you slowly eating through
You can only cry so much
Tears doesn’t put out the fire in you

I been the same way, I felt the same
I longed for those days to end
And finally those days are behind me
All you need is to talk a friend

Share your problems let it out
Makes your heart light as a feather
Find a friend to share your pain
Trust me, you will feel a lot better…

— The End —