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karen dannette Dec 2015
I am so difficult that I wonder how I've been able to survive
In this world of corruption, greed and power trippin' fools.
Beyond the surface, inside of me, there is pure love and joy
Always pushed into a corner with hustlers with a hidden agenda, trying to be cool.

The choices in my life have my name written upon them.
Yet, the solutions come from the Divine, are words written upon my heart and soul
Traveling free, not afraid to be me...
So, I walk upon this earth, never allowing the evil to take it's toll.

Here you are and here I am too.
I try to understand why you did those things to me.
I come up empty-handed for the reason you chose that way.
Just when I thought I had moved on, I see you for who you are supposed to be.

You were diagnosed with Cancer and finally opened your eyes.
But, now it's too late to open up myself to the pain you can cause.
I tried to be there for you cuz that's just who i am.
Your never ending lies only hurt me and add to my loss.
My ex got in touch with me recently to give me the news and it devastated me.  I told him I would pray for him.  It's so sad that you don't know what you have till its gone.
Nov 2015 · 799
karen dannette Nov 2015
I'm watching you as you watch me
It's breaking my heart to see you cry constantly.
WE have had memories that no one can take away
Even if I left right now, I want you to be ok.

These white walls are screaming and the nurses don't even care.
Feeling so lucky just to have you here.
The drip of the medicine slowly killing me
I only pray for it to be quick, if it is to be.

Life is short like a piece of sand on this beach.
Relationships and building character is what we should seek.
In one hundred years of advancement, we've taken ten steps back.
Perfect love and kindness is what we often lack.

We act so much better than the animals we cage.
Then wonder why mother nature is pouring out her rage.
The earth was freely given with more than enough to supply
When I think of the greed and selfishness, it makes me want to cry.

We are all so worried about what happened in the past.
If we don't start living in the present, our race will not last.
Instant gratification and materialism and power for a false sense of pride.
Are we ever going to adapt and evolve and stop the constant lies.

Friendships that last are hard to find
It takes a lifetime to truly appreciate the genuine kind.
We've been given a brain we are too lazy to use
It's like we're playing a game, in order to win, we have to lose.

My breath is now rattling out of my chest
Maybe now, my soul will finally be at rest.
When I stand at the gates of judgement, I'll smile.
Cuz life only lasts a second, but eternity is a very  long while.

Advice from beyond the grave and back
Love everyone, even those who hurt you, even if they don't love you back.
For the real test of character and spirit within you
Is forgiveness, kindness and always being true.

Meditate, reflect and do your best at everything
Time runs out so fact, you don't even notice it.
So stay the course and on the right path, whatever you do
Never say never, don't give up and be one of the chosen few.
Nov 2015 · 1.6k
Gangsta (OG)
karen dannette Nov 2015
Take it into your sacred place
Where nothing brings you down.
Search your heart for what is real
Don’t listen to the gossip in your town.

Leave the fakes alone,
Let them take themselves out.
If you lose money in a deal,
Walking away is what it’s all about.

Free your mind from illness and debris
Thank your God for being alive today
Take a step in the right direction
And get out of your own way.
Nov 2015 · 929
Still Alive
karen dannette Nov 2015
I'm alive today, but not sure why
I've been thinking a lot about life and when I will die.
It's sad to say, but truth often is
I'm left here in this empty abyss of loneliness.

Sitting upon my pity-*** gains me nothing in the end
I wish I would've considered my actions, now without my friend.
Crushed and polluted within my mind
A crime scene inside my brain you will only find.

So, what is the solution to the problem at hand?
How can I correct what has already been done and still be able to stand?
Should I run away or stay to face the music and internally die?
I know that I'm sick and tired of always wanting to cry.

I know God exists and he has a purpose for my life.
I know that he loves me and will always make a way, leading me away from strife.
So, now that I remember that beautiful promise he made to me...
I'm asking the Lord to carry my burden and help me to be eternally free.

Do I still think about morbidity and the way it would look upon my death?
Am I so selfish to be concerned with how I will take my last breath?
No, I refuse to give up and let the evil one win.
I'm going to turn my life over to him again.
Oct 2015 · 643
The spiritual vase
karen dannette Oct 2015
pour your spirit into a antique vasehe
multicolored with deep, passionate purple
with spirals and unique designs embossed with glass preparing for the adventure for a journey with a destination not yet revealed
I dream of jeannie
Oct 2015 · 637
Living to die
karen dannette Oct 2015
Bricks of mortar fall on my path
like a wall of misery and anguish
Surrounded by a vision of death and destruction.

Wondering how I've endured the constant treachery and deceit
Yet, never allowed myself to break free from the insanity of sorrow
Almost in fear of what will happen tomorrow.

The sickness inside of your cold, icy heart
Penetrates my warm, loving soul with an icepick
The unseen blood spurting from every wound you created
Even now, my sadness eats holes in my stomach, making me sick.

So, please harden and guard my heart
Remind me of who I really am
I need protection from my self
Because no one gives a ******* ****.
Feeling depressed, suppressed and a little pathetic.   Anyone feel this way??
Oct 2015 · 1.3k
my forever friend
karen dannette Oct 2015
For you, my dear
I will simply try to hear you
Not to always agree,
Or discern the false from the true

Kept meaning to quiet my own thoughts
While I held still for hours trying to understand
Or decipher the inconsistency of the words
Without the satisfaction of a well thought out and productive plan.

I pray you will find happiness within
By chance, our next chance meeting shall be less invasive
Oh, what beautiful spirit cannot contain
So mystical, enchanting and always brave.

I bid you, farewell
My forever friend
I'll think of you often
Where have you been?
karen dannette Oct 2015
Tick tock
Tickety-Tickety tock
My hair stands at end
Ready to fall, a superior time to walk.

Away from here
And gone from this place
That fills me with sadness
And such disgrace.

Will I ever know the reason behind
The choices made, etched in stone?
Can I be forever sorry
Or just happiness eternally postponed?

So, here I am in complete surrender of will
I give up on self-sabotage and futility
I kneel to pray for mercy and grace
And for the gift of God's love, humility and grace.
Leaving las vegas??  Probably.
Sep 2015 · 363
karen dannette Sep 2015
Are riches worth selling your soul?
Jesus came to give us salvation to let us know that we are free from a hell we make ourselves.
What is the choice today?

Lord, bless those who want to know you more.
Keep me a light than shines for you in the darkness.
Why did it take me so long to want your will?
Your grace and mercy overcome any obstacle in my life.
Praise/poetry/God's love
Sep 2015 · 405
karen dannette Sep 2015
I create my freedom
From underneath the tree of life
Giving bountiful treasures and blessings to others
Like the soft, pink petals of a new flower
Refreshed with morning dew,
The cool, crisp air to breathe in another day.

My belief creates my experience
I believe in all good things
That have been created by God’s special works
Just for us, he loves us so much
He gave us the beauty of the morning.
Sep 2015 · 440
Perched upon this tree
karen dannette Sep 2015
Fighting with desire
A battle to the end
Overshadowed by emotion
Knowing it would hurt my friend

Loyalty, is the only way
To truly live and be true
Not allowing betrayal to succeed
Hoping it means the same to you.

Perched upon the top of the jungle's highest tree
I have a panoramic view of our destiny
Refusal to be suffocated in life's cage
Not conforming to the laws of this society
Sep 2015 · 990
Just a little bit of rage
karen dannette Sep 2015
******* for everything you took from me
my ability to make good decisions have tainted my time
And still, I wonder if you are ok.

Its time to be who I was meant to be.
karen dannette Aug 2015
Running into the night without caution or care
Praying I won't slip in the mud and land in the abyss of all the haters.
Each step is tacky and sticky, causing my speed to continue to slow down.
While, each breath is ****** from my lungs with such intensity that I wonder what side I am fighting for.

And as the time inches closer each day, my prayers become quieter
And my sorrow and doubt grow into full blown anxiety.
The news fills our head with complete anihilation, destruction the only goal.
Bones and primitive tools line the streets with the aroma of innocent death.

Keeping my eyes open, I see the sun and it never fails to rise.
In the evening, the moon controls the tides and lights up the darkness with stars
Inside my heart and soul, I beg for forgiveness from the divine, perfect one.
While silent tears line my face and my nose becomes stuffy.

I think they are calling the first step martial law, which sounds like we need to ready ourselves for the end.
But until that day comes, you can still find me giving thanks to our Lord and Savior.
Are u ready?
Jul 2015 · 724
karen dannette Jul 2015
Here I am amidst all the chaos and confusion
While the brisk wind stings my flesh just hoping this nightmare is an illusion
You need me to trust the person you showed me
Keeping me in the dark in the room wondering why I'm always depressed and feel unworthy for you
Still you slither like a serpent
Always surrounded by dread and gloom
no more tears no more time for this ******* my heart does not need to be saved it makes me sick just thinking of you and your calculated moves
To you I must seem too naive
For you have no character and your soul is concave
Another day has passed yet still unable to shut you out and lock the door
Would love to spit in your face to degrade you and make you see how it feels but its such a waste of time.
For you will never be worth it
memories, loss, partner, lies, naive, degradatiom, lock, dread, gloom, *******, calculated, shut you out.
Jun 2015 · 822
Ashes to Ashes
karen dannette Jun 2015
There's one thing I'm sure of
And it's beyond pure and clear
You are a heavenly angel
That God holds you dear.

I was blessed to have known you
And regret all I've done to hurt you
You never deserved anything so harsh and disrespectful
But, I was so dumb, I  never had a clue.

My love for you will never dwindle or weaken
In my heart, I feel your warmth and it grows every day
All of your painful memories, God continues to mold anew
Your love is strong and always true.

Oh mother, how blessed I was to be in your presence
Dear loved one, so sensitive and abused by your trust
If one thing, I would change for you
It would be your birth to another, ashes to ashes - dust to dust.
to my mother
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
karen dannette Jun 2015
Stay away from me
You are so toxic
Your heart is black like tar
Pourous and spongy
Soaking up energy
With none returned
Demonic sickness
Embedded in your every motive
Life is meant to be enjoyed
And you are no longer wanted in mine.
I guess this is the only way I know of to get rid of the negative and invite the positive into my life.  Moving forward, never back.
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
A Moth to the Flame
karen dannette Jun 2015
The flame engulfs us into physical bliss
Energy so powerful it knocks me to the ground like a ragdoll.
With every thought and hope for you to be happy and content
Another lick of fire singes my heart and soul.

When things are going your way,
Your smile can melt a snowman
And your eyes magically draw me to you
Like a moth to a flame.

But when the wind is gusty,
Your heart grows cold and hardens
The ugliness of the ice freeze me away from you.
While my fire is burning out of control just wanting you.

This flame I speak of is our energy merging as one.
The ice and cold comes from distrust, suspicion and rage.
A fire that consumes every molecule of my oxygen
Pushing me farther and farther away, being burnt bit by bit.

My heart is shattered with emotions I didn’t realize were possible,
Yet you react aggressively, without care of the consequence of your action
I pray you will never endure the utter destruction of a spirit of love
But maybe, you can have a chance at your next possibility of true love.

Unfortunately, I was the best you will ever have.
My love for you was pure and true.
The pain will subside over time, I pray
Hope others reading have the strength to leave someone they love
to heal their hearts and love another who deserves it.
Today was so hard.  I can no longer justify staying with someone that can hurt me without thought of my feelings.
May 2015 · 676
karen dannette May 2015
Feel the rage within you
Trying to consume you
Living out your fears
Of what's really out there.

The world we live in created by desire
Can you feel my vibrations pulsating and throbbing?
Throughout every part of your mind.
I'm still human in this game we call life

We are given a responsibility to be honest with ourselves
and how much each of us can show all others respect and love
Yet, here I sit feeling like I want to ***** in my mouth
For the one person I thought I was in love with
..... that would kick someone when they were down.
this poem is personal and I am sick with the actions taken against someone that has always been good to me and how I never know when to keep my mouth shut.  Feeling like this s may be unforgivable.
May 2015 · 3.8k
karen dannette May 2015
All alone, again
Feeling meloncholy and captive
Within a cloud of intentional isolation
As each thought comes and goes without an answer.

Memories flicker in the crime scene of my mind.
My perception is clouded by questioning every suspicion.
As I try to stay unemotional and rationally make doubt my enemy.
This day has now ended and I have not made a decision.

Wondering when indecision and fear have intersected in my life.
Have I become so insouciant that I am blinded?
As I grow old and in my final hours, could this be my biggest mistake?
I am unwillling to dwell in the present and find happiness again?

Hours spent suffocating myself with regret
Tried to harden my heart to the point of no return
But, I perservere and try to rise above the abundancy of pain.
Licking the salt from my tears as they drip to my lips.

I now lay down, so silent that even my breath is quiet
Asking if the pain is worth the possibility of a true love that will last.
Will he crush my heart with unintentional love for another?
A chance, I guess, I am willing to take.  Or too soon?

I can only pray that the right answer will come during my slumber
And it will be within the will of my creator
Praying that my dreams will be filled with the answers that I seek
And tomorrow will be full of love, trust and loyalty.
I am truly facing a decision that can change my life in a good way.  It's really too bad that others in the past are trying to destroy a good thing.  But, I will try to see if our love grows and try to give us a chance.
May 2015 · 928
The Crippled Child
karen dannette May 2015
Born into a world, where she did not belong
Her lungs were not developed, her heart was not strong.

Her body, so fragile, surrounded by glass
She fought bravely, but her little body couldn't last

The child was beautiful, she was named Heather Michelle.
The doctors were hopeful, but only time would tell.

As the surgeons and staff fought desperately for her life
Her mother was in pain and still under the knife.

This angelic child had to endure much more than the rest.
The family, prayed that God's will be done, whatever best.

Illness enveloped her and she became frail
Everyone had hope that their faith would not fail.

As the child lay lifeless in the hospital bed.
So sad, but true, the beautiful child now dead.

She will always be remembered for the struggle that she made.
And on her gravestone, white roses were laid.

Her mother, the addict, lives with regret and remorse
For she still will do anything to get her drugs from the source.
I wrote this poem in 1991.  I was a jr. in high school.  It fills me with such sorrow, that I had to share.
Apr 2015 · 2.4k
Master Manipulator
karen dannette Apr 2015
Your always playing the victim or guilt tripping me.
With eyes wide open, tell me what you see.......
The dark green forest falls quiet in the blackest night.
With a fresh, bleak snow hiding a monster out of my sight.

Down the path and out through the thistles
Escaping "it's" lungs pierce the night sky like a whistle.
Suffocating with fear, now I know that I'm done
Before the battle begins, "it" thinks the battle won.

I'm in shock on the ground and can't move not one little bit.
My head in my hands, falling down, not wanting to quit.
"It's" eyes are my death and "It's" thoughts are of pain
The storm clouds approaching, but it's not going to rain.

The distance between us nearly closes right in
Now, the true test is here, terror right under the skin.
"It's" voice is demonic and sounds of my demise.
Just the sight of "it" and I start praying for a painless goodbye.

I run and I run, but no chance, I will make it
So stygian now that I'm bleeding, falling into a steep pit.
Pitch-black of all hollows, reaching for the next mental wall.
My legs are all bruised up and wrist broken from the fall.

My screams are like razors that cut through the air
As I jump like a rabbit and out where it is clear.
The insects are buzzing to warn me to stop soon.
A symphony of the night just humming it's' tune.

And here is where I left you, as I stand toe to toe.
I told you before I just want you to go.
You have no goodness inside, just a monster, you've made.
The battle within your own mind will, again, be replayed.

As you turn and walk away, I wipe away a fresh teardrop
You've hurt me all that I can allow and now you must stop.
Master manipulator and thief, you've stolen my heart.
You showed me I was strong that day , now I can have a fresh start.
I wrote this last night and I could see everything so vividly.  I hope you can too.
"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek"
- Joseph Campbell
Apr 2015 · 716
Pretty Poison
karen dannette Apr 2015

You try to call me
To make me feel you
Being broiled alive in a turmoil
that I can't.......even breathe

Your profession of love
Yet, permeate the disillusionment of my soul
Now i feel suffocated, utterly suspended in loss  
Sickened by the sight of myself, stuck in this hole.

When you do look at me
It is only with degradation,
I am just a prisoner within myself ,
Your deceit and support is a complete contradiction.

Have I become such a burden to you?
Because my choices in life are against your advice
You can't change who I am, that's who you loved at the start.
Once a burning fire for me, now only a heart of only ice.

The scales are tipped to your side
You are adored and respected by all.
I am the outsider, I'm not disullioned
Now, we can all buy a ticket and watch me fall

Always alone in a room full of people?
What would it mean if no one cared if you ******* died?
Have you ever put yourself in my shoes, even for a moment?
Crying myself to sleep every night, humility taking the place of my pride.

I can't turn back the clock
To alter the damage that has been done to you
I battle emotions and memories that ache, all bottled up inside
Don't worry about being subtle, I can take a cue.

Hear my words, I'll only say them one time
Certainly can't allow you to use me for a doormat or a lame.
I've made mistakes, but I'm an adult willing to take the blame.
You've done your job, I am leaving to end this crying game.

Feel the love inside my heart,
Like you used to before.
Or just end this agony before I end it all.
The pain I feel is churning inside me, deep within the core.

I don't know what to do anymore.
Can't you see I continually apologize for what has been done.
I'm losing my mind and I'm worried that I may do something I will regret.
Like hurt myself or hurt someone else, tired of seeing the barrell of your gun.

Pretty poision or siren you say I am
Such a shame you can't take credit for your own symptoms,  
By poisioning my thoughts you think I'll forget who I am....
So, you can sit there and complain while you **** your thumb.

But, the difference between you and me
Is that I know God is carrying me through these times.
He is the one that will be there with the Book of Life.;
Only God can judge me for every sinful crime.

Should I surrender again?
Sensing your pernicious, reeking breath on my neck....
Stinking like stale beer and nicotine
Does he realize that he is a train-wreck.

**** me harder, i will always say
I must like it when it hurts me this way.
Seeking anger and destruction within my heart of sorrow.
Realizing the detriment to my soul, I won't be here another day.

Inside the depths of my soul,
I must bid you adiew...
When I depart from you forever
I will finally feel brand new.
I came across this poem I wrote back in 2013.  I realize now that I was extremely ******* myself and re-wrote it.   Any feedback is appreciated.  Thank you.
Apr 2015 · 1.6k
karen dannette Apr 2015
Apart from you, I am nothing.
Without your touch, I feel alone.
So take me now and partake of all I offer
I am so ready for every part of you
Your soul and your body and your mind.
I am taken aback by your quick wit
and your masculinity, slowly seducing..
Until I am panting with passion..

Your lips are like delicious apples
That are ripe for the picking.
And your body is glistening with dew.
I am forever tasting you and feasting upon your beauty
Until I am sated and am starving no more.
And as I lay back, so satisfied
I realize that without each other, this would never be.

So true, in fact, that I am mesmorized by your presence
And the energy I possess is all directed to you.
I wouldn't call it love, but I could call it amazing.
Listening for the sound of your heart beat
As the blood thumps, thumps, thumps....
You excite me so, there is not any word to describe
The tantalizing touch of your fingertips

And in a rhythm, we sway with the music
All time stops and logic doesn't exist.
There are just the two of us..
We meld together like we were fashioned that way.
Like I was never alone..
Or without you...
This was inspired by someone.  Critism welcomed.  Thank you for reading.
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
For a silent woman, alone
karen dannette Apr 2015
She dreams a hard-working man;
one who comes home at night.
a man who grins cities
and smiles tall forests,
who mops sweat from a tanned face
with the frayed-but clean snows
of a thousand meadows.

She dreams a man, whose
rough-gentle hands
know wjust what to do
and he can do it too, just like that.
a man not too pretty, whose quick-eye
winks, a ******* jack of a guy,
too humble to be proud.

She dreams, in her silence,
of a man,
who can drive away a cloud
as though there's nothing to it
and without a word of brag,
but with her permission,
just do it.

wirtten by Daniel Williams
This poem was in the front of a book copywrited 1925. The name of the book is the Storyof The World's Literature by John Macy.
Apr 2015 · 464
I Need You
karen dannette Apr 2015
In the midst of all the chaos
The bridge to nowhere is full of traffic
And the people are all full of sorrow
But they hide it with their fake smiles

No matter the consequences
We seem to choose the things that damage our souls
Forget the past and engage yourself in the future
Pleased to be happy that the past is over

What can it be that keeps us from joy?
Could it be our own inner turmoil that is fighting against each other?
Or can it be that we really have no other options,
But the road that is laid out before us...

Sick. twisted, tormented in a vague place and time
Keeps me inside these walls, plastered with a black toothed grin
As i see the bright moon reflecting the brightness of the sun
And I realize that I'm only here for a short time.
Always so shiny and new
And there are so many things yet to learn.

So, my spirit will soar to the depths of the sky
And my soul yearns for only you
I'm in a trance that I can't break free from
I realize how strong my feelings for you are real.

So, standing at the crossroads
Again and again
Always makes me smile and ponder
We both started out as soulmates and friends..In the midst of all the chaos
The bridge to nowhere is full of traffic
And the people are all full of sorrow
But they hide it with their fake smiles..

I can only enjoy my time here
Be happy that I can write my pain away
Seeking love, harmony and peace
and always, write my pain away
honest feedback is welcomed
Apr 2015 · 646
Victory Over The Darkness
karen dannette Apr 2015
Luminous light shining among the dark
He holds my hand, he holds my heart.
Walk with me far away from here
I need you close, I want you near.

In the end of night, where the darkness remains
You are all I want, you keep me sane
I Iove you for all eternity
And with you I will forever be.
Not sure what the inspiration for this poem was, but it was short and sweet.
Apr 2015 · 395
Fight or Flight
karen dannette Apr 2015

Take me as I am
Or take nothing at all
Conditioned by my environment
To fight or flght or just take the fall

Prisms of light encompass the sin
Rays of flame burn my flesh, such agony
Yet here I stand, daring the worst
Causing temporary blindness, butnow I can see.

You seem unapproachable when you so desire
The pain will subside, as you severe my esteem
But that's ok, I've been through worse.
I'll take another one for the teame.

Wish you could truly understand, I am real
Every disaquise and camoflage I use to guard my heart you see
I've been so wounded in the past
And for me, only the true, I can truly be.

So will you risk it?
Or is there too much at stake?
Why do you lurk beneath the shadows?
If I let my walls fall, will my heart break?

You are so beautiful to me
Even if you don't believe it
I couldn't hurt you even if I wanted to
Open your eyes to the true love you can get.
Apr 2015 · 373
karen dannette Apr 2015

Dreams of life I've always known
Catching glimpses of what they've shown
Hard to see from all the light
These people are gifted with a 2nd sight.

Farewell to thee, so it's time to leave
It's hard to feel somewhat relieved
Surrender now to this sacred plea
Forever changing, to the reality to be.

Kindred hearts that share my pain
Keeps me alive, then struggling again.
Forging through despair and cold, never so
Feeling like revenge is the answer, but I could never be so bold.

Funny how it all seems so real
All these people forgot how to feel.
Danger lurking behind every door
Keeps me hungry and looking for more.

Before my existence, all perfect and new
Taking hold of my eternity, something I never knew.
Choices were pre-ordained, all my faith holds me tight
I only want to do what's good and right.

Bringing me to a peace, I've never known
With all intent, I feel alone.
For this I feel is the beckon call,
Hoping for pure love, content to fall.
Thank you for reading.  I welcome any feedback.
Apr 2015 · 314
With Love From Your Daugher
karen dannette Apr 2015
I feel so blessed
That I knew you
Always there for everyone

Your spirit is strong
Able to overcome life's obstacles
And still manage to brighten someone's day

I know that your life wasn't easy
But your heart was overflowing with understanding
With love and kindness

You will never know
How much you will be missed
And I know that God is taking care of you now

You've brought so much love into my life
And taught me so much
I will strive to be half the woman you were

And await the day I will be with you
Again in heaven.....
This poem is about my mother and her death.
Apr 2015 · 3.2k
karen dannette Apr 2015
While I was sleeping,
He took my trust.
While I was dreaming
He was all about another to lust.
short and sweet - and so true
Apr 2015 · 1.6k
Hope she was worth it.
karen dannette Apr 2015
Oh, how it looks so appealing
This ******* you keep feeding
Your pretend act of loyalty and truth
Just to bait me into opening up to you.

In a desperate attempt to woo me....
You continue to be caught up in lies
This anger I'm feeling is real
You've been caught and lost your appeal.

Why must you make me feel??
When everything you say is not real??
Such a waste of time and tears
Yet, you continue to burn me and now I feeol fear.

Fire plus Fire equals an iunquenchable inferno
So , I'm spraying it down with truth filled water
Tell-tale signs of past experiences of abuse and misery
My discernment now clear and my eyes can now see.

You need to accept that it is all done now
We've said our final good-byes
Hope she was worth losing me
******* for making me cry.

I'll ask you this once, my dear
Stay away from me, I' m making this clear.
My flesh leads me astray
But I'm making this clear today.

I seek someone who cares,
So, let me get out of your way.
No longer blinded, now able to see
You are definately not the man for me.
obviously, there is some pain and anger in this poemfrom a recent experience
Apr 2015 · 716
Beyond the Sunset
karen dannette Apr 2015
Only I
row upon this stream
The oar hits the blue-green water
Only a woosh is heard upove and below

Above the water, the sunset deepens
Such crimson colors
Burnt sienna and deep purple
When the reflection of the sky meets the water
And you cannot tell where the sky begins or ends

The quiet thoughts of the mind
Simply disappear as quickly as they enter
The clouds have left, only stars remain
As they twinkle and shine as a prayer is answered.

This is where hope begins and faith is full
So magnificent and lovely
Heart grows and yearns for only this moment
Forever remembered, always kept as a photograph

Only I am
Rowing upon this water.
Was just staring at a painting -- being inspired!
karen dannette Apr 2015
You said the anger would come back
just as the love did.

I have a black look I do not
like. It is a mask I try on.
I migrate toward it and its frog
sits on my lips and defecates.
It is old. It is also a pauper.
I have tried to keep it on a diet.
I give it no unction.

There is a good look that I wear
like a blood clot. I have
sewn it over my left breast.
I have made a vocation of it.
Lust has taken plant in it
and I have placed you and your
child at its milk tip.

Oh the blackness is murderous
and the milk tip is brimming
and each machine is working
and I will kiss you when
I cut up one dozen new men
And you will die,sYou said the anger would come back
just as the love did.

I have a black look I do not
like. It is a mask I try on.
I migrate toward it and its frog
sits on my lips and defecates.
It is old. It is also a pauper.
I have tried to keep it on a diet.
I give it no unction.

There is a good look that I wear
like a blood clot. I have
sewn it over my left breast.
I have made a vocation of it.
Lust has taken plant in it
and I have placed you and your
child at its milk tip.

Oh the blackness is murderous
and the milk tip is brimming
and each machine is working
and I will kiss you when
I cut up one dozen new men

And you will die, somewhat,
agsas in and again
Really love this
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
The Light
karen dannette Apr 2015

The way of truth
Is a beautiful sunset painted in the sky
The colors so vivid,
My eyes smile with contentment and joy.

Standing at the crossroads
Knowing the wise road, in which, to travel
Straining my ears to hear that still, small voice
Beckoning me to let him carry me.

As we pass through a massive canyon
So immense, amazing and spectacular
Unable to control the sheer joy in my heart
So, I take a picture in my mind that will never fade.

So tired of pretending that I have it all together
As the walls I have created, tremble and shake
I will them to fall and allow me to feel every emotion
As my imaginary life seeps into reality.

The broken pieces of glass that have shattered
Blinding my eyes so I can no longer see
Squinting my eyes, the world around me
Leads me home again.
Apr 2015 · 633
karen dannette Apr 2015
Of all energy and positivity
In the distance
I feel him coming for me.

His rage is all encompassing
Suffocating me from the inside out.
Feel the anger fueling the fire.
These are true feelings that have suppressed me.  Let me know how you feel about it.
Apr 2015 · 259
Dreaming of You
karen dannette Apr 2015
Dreaming of You

How special you are to me
I wonder why it took so long me to see
How very wonderful and perfect you are to me.

I don't know why I got so mad
When you just wanted me to come to be with you
Now I just long for your touch and your mischievous smile
Now it feels that my anger hasn't gone, just suppressed

If and when I can start anew
I only long to be with you
I now wonder if its really true
But my heart still beats and longs for you.
Apr 2015 · 534
What you deserve
karen dannette Apr 2015
Oh, I'm lucky - am i ?
The canyon is so far between that I can't jump that far anymore
The echo of my voice lingers between jumps as i screeeeaaammm..
The screaming is from m inner soul and it just continues to sccccrreeeeeaaammm until no words are left.
Lately, I've been feeling a little under the weather, let's face it.. loony tunes.
I can't keep my anger in check and I appear a little ****** around the edges
.My dog keeps licking me, in an effort to make me relax a little.
It's cute how she knows m feelings and makes an actual effort to comfort me.
That is way more than any other person that I know actually does.
Her name is Harmony, for that reason alone, it makes sense.

Here comes the part that my boyfriend feels bad he isn't the dog.
I never wanted him to be the dog and never said, "hey bf--- can you act like the dog."
No, he is the boyfriend and in no way do I wnt him to be anything else.
He did telll me today that I should be happy that I woke up in the bed and not the street,
Which was comforting in  a way... absolutely... I mean what does a ****** like me deserve anyway.

**** that ****.  Are you kidding me?  What do you take me for? I'm not that bad off....
Lay someone else down in my tomb today to die,.. it's not going to be me.. so sorry to give you the bad news.
So call me ******, lame ***, and i will crawl up your *** to die (it won't be pretty)
Don't **** with something you don't understand.  I know you will never understand me.
What's it going to take to make you get it'?  Don't play with m emotions or I'll turn on you, in a hot second.

I'll make you wish you remembered the times that I tried so hard to please you.
I'll make you wish you were back with your mommy and daddy to protect you.
I'll cut out your tongue with my own and laugh as you try to beg me not to do it.
I'll close both of your eyes and burn you in your most sensitive spots with my cigarette.
That's what you deserve.  I should be lucky to wake up in my own bed?   *******.
Mar 2015 · 826
Forget Me
karen dannette Mar 2015
It's over now
The time has come
When u realize what you had
You will understand where
True pain comes from

Glad you are perfect
But missing a heart
These deeply inflicted wounds
Have ripped me apart

How can you confess your love ?
When I can taste the bitterness in my mouth and soul
Sorrow and fear scathing my heart
An opening is left with a gaping hole.
end of relationship
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
my final breath
karen dannette Mar 2015
Here I am
In the midst of all chaos and confusion
The brisk wind chills me to the bone
Hoping this is all just an illusion.

I only trusted the person you showed me
And kept me in the darkened room
Always depressed......
And unworthy....

You slither around like the serpent you are and im filled with dread and doom.
Keeping me hidden away from myself, so not even i know the real me

Running from the ones who love me and care for me
Into the arms of an abyss full of tradgedies
Who can survive in a world full of voided space without love?

As i lay my head down, in a final breath,,,,
It is finally silent.
I know who i was, but its too late.
Feeling really sad...not really suicidal, but welcoming the pain ive become used to.
Mar 2015 · 877
the canyon
karen dannette Mar 2015
yesterday blurs
with tomorrows blues
kept inside the canyon of my heart
devastating the only soul that yearns for you

now, frozen in fear
amidst the cold retribution i created
wishing for a miracle that will soon emerge
Feeling emotionally tapped
Feb 2015 · 238
Welcome Back
karen dannette Feb 2015
welcome to a world without logic
full of denial
with people who enjoy the dark
where light is treasured
and grace is sprinkled like salt

welcome to the machine age
where people all have some kind of sickness
something that can change you
without your consent and never to your benefit
While everyone, thinks about nothing, but themselves

welcome back
all you who choose the wrong
and think it will never come back on you

But, I am saying Goodbye.
I am unable to endure any more
attacks from the ones who wish destruction on us
especially, unable to run anymore, for my mind is weary
and my heart is not a willing victim for your thoughtless ways

I promise that I really tried to fit in here
I tried my best to live the way that was right
I fall short of the glory of God, like we all do.
The complete and utter broken-ness
Has strung me up and severed my soul
Feb 2015 · 1.0k
karen dannette Feb 2015
live or die
melted by
choices made now
why must we believe the lie

evaporated and interest due
the enemy waits to see it through
with willing hearts, scarred inside
meant to be a journey, not an amusement ride

while the flowers grow at his command
we think that we have a better plan
soldiers surround the innocent to keep
children of darkness in shadows for the chance to leap.

what happens now has been pre-ordained
such a wasted life when the soul is stained.
Protected by an unseen source of love
shower us from the heights above

the question remains and will continue to be
must we stay in darkness, when we have the ability to see
sadness and regret steal the light from our eyes
seek the truth instead of believing the lies

Oh spirit, please awaken from sleep and rise
Our lives are but a blink of an eye
Surrender now, all of our flaws are to learn
And now, all consuming fire, every kind of evil will burn.
Life is a journey, not a destination.
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
In the Light of the Moon
karen dannette Jan 2015
Incapacitated by my own illness
Surrounded by an invisible cage
Cannot fill this endless void
Broken by this choice of inconceivable rage.

Loathing all that evil brings
Sickened by the torture inflicted
Drowning by the tears I've shed
Dreading the truth that we've all become addicted.

Conscious desire turns my lungs into lead
Resplendence within my soul more intrepid than I thought
I know it's not the end, for now
The war of the mind cannot be physically fought.

The dripping of the candle wax
In the light of the moon
Insight of what's happening
Wishing it would be soon
The truth  is everywhere..
Jan 2015 · 605
penetrate my soul
karen dannette Jan 2015








Jan 2015 · 315
karen dannette Jan 2015
I follow the light at the end of the hallway
Towards the kitchen, where all is dark and I swallow the fear.
As I creep towards my destination,
I realize that our future is never quite as clear.

It pains me to say goodbye to the ones I loved the most
But it doesn't help matters to stay and ruin everything we've ever managed to save
I open the refrigerator and grab a beverage of my choice.
Close it softly, tears fall down my cheeks, strength and control---- I have to be brave.

Tiptoe, tiptoe, silently, quietly back down the corridor to the light
Keeping my secrets in the closet, getting pretty full in there, I THOUGHT.
Planning my escape, within my heart and letting my mind be in charge of this.
Slowly, I pack my cases, careful to only take what I have brought.

Never again, will I allow myself to be prisoner and confined to anywhere
I feel like I'll have a tough time finding a new home,
But nothing in life that is hard, is always so comforting when its unknown.
I just know that I have to trudge forward and no one will be there to comfort me, I will be all alone.
Jan 2015 · 1.5k
Saturated With Lust
karen dannette Jan 2015
Luscious lips
Burning flesh, insatiable
Soaked in your essence
intertwined, love so brutal.

Fascinated with the rythym
Your libido keeping time
My pelvis is throbbing for only you
Your body is truly sublime.

The feeling of bliss
Saturated with our body fluids, merged as one
On the red satin sheets,  we lay naked
On my mind,  in my heart,  blinded by the sun.

Torchered by divine lust
Kept satisfied in your essence, grateful
Irrisistable lips forever probing
Heart so full of love,  forever faithful.
Jan 2015 · 571
karen dannette Jan 2015
venom trickles down his thigh
droplets splatter against the earth and sink
Poisionous saliva from one of man's admirer's
and all he can do is lay ther, afraid to even blink

Corrosion of this time has come and left us now
Left to eat away the edges of oiur every fear
Even while we fight this natural existence
Torrid weather beats our skin
The rage is within the human soul
Loaded on terrorism, humanity cries out
Evil deepens, while goodness remains somehow.
Point out the flaws, instead of the even ocean tides rythym.
Souls that still search for salvation
Amidst this momentary place we live, created by belief.,
Slithering like a snake, someone tries to fool you
Lash out with faith of something better, someone better.
Forging through the open mass of tyranny
Breathing in the seething, ******* lust of some
Bitter to only the ones who taste sour
Only to hope and pray my heart is not devoured
If only the painless bright light would come into play
I will go to sleep at the end of today
As I wake up in a pool of sweat,
All my nightmares play over in my mind
Keepng me trapped inside the shell of pure emotion

Blast off.,  Technloogy has come
Open to any feedback.. thanks
Jan 2015 · 356
Little Paper Square
karen dannette Jan 2015
Drop it, and it all begins
Feel it living out your sins
Madness slowly closing in
Let the insanitybegin.

Look around, what you see
Is far from reality.
Walls breathe, faces change
With each moment, quiet derrange

Glowing figures reappear
But somehow, I feel no fear
Dancing objects in front of me
You cab't imagine the things I see.

Reach out, touch the imagery
Feel its fire set you free
The spirit within
Beckons from inside.

Everything you are seeing
Nowhere left to hide,
Curled up in a corner..
Darness creeping in.

Time  is the enemy,
No way left to win.
Not sure of the last bit there..  this was written so long ago.  So obviously about an acid trip..  could use some suggestionsl.
Jan 2015 · 407
karen dannette Jan 2015
The crackling fire spits sparks into the night sky
The atmosphere, alive,  with bright hues of burnt sienna
Illuminating your spirit with pure beauty,  sadness cannot thrive.
Love more real than any I have known..

Your eyes are so blue, not even a hint of a storm cloud approaching.
Your smile makes me forget every other lover I've known.
Every part of my body throbs in anticipation of your touch...............

I never saw it coming, blinded by emotions and lies
Leaving welts you left on my soul, so damaged
Your bitterness eats me alive
Buried alive,, slowly suffocating by the dirt thrown into my mouth.

Beating me into the ground with a shovel..  
I can hear the echoes within the soil, tormenting with anguish
Violently trembling and  shuddering with anger.. or is it  fear?
Sorrow aches deep within , vulnerable.

A vicious cycle starts from sweet to sadistic...
Wicked thoughts invade the purity of love.
Will we be able to withstand the cruelty and pain?

Unable to reach some kind of compromise.
How much I love and adore you,
My soul is old and my spirit free,
Yet you try to clip my wings and cage my essence.

Forever filtering  through my flaws and imperfections
Your intoxication transforming you into a savage
Being tortured, slowly, and with a motive
Your words are  weapons to use against me.

Flesh ripped apart,   blurring my vision with such a vengeance
Scratching and clawing
As they furiously circle and isolate their victim.

I am no innocent, I will not be
Oblivious to my crazed, moody outbursts.
I forget that my tongue can be the fork that eats you alive.
My mind unable to comprehend the damage I've done.
All my demands are incinerating the chance of happiness.

My addiction and your affliction segregate our hope
Calculative and manipulating, we can't live like this  
We both lose a battle we don't even realize is going on within ourselves.
Making no sense of the battles we choose, petty and useless.

What is the true reality of our abuse?   You are forever placing blame...
Surely, this cannot be love, for it takes no prisoners
Forever damaged and scarred, bitterness within my heart...

Wandering aimlessly, surrendering to my demise
But still, my heart belongs to only you
Knowing that only pain will it cause

Tired of running in circles,
Aren't you tired of sleeping in your clothes?
Never trusting again without fear of anger and loss?
Or does it matter to you what the peace and love will have conquered or will you only think of what it has cost?
This poem was written as non-fiction.  As I edited and did the rewrite, I can see much more on the other side of this.  Please offer any honest feedback.  
Thank you for your time and the reading of this poem.
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
Trust and Rely
karen dannette Nov 2014
Every day is new and yesterday has already gone
Upon awakening, rubbing the slumber from my eyes
I pause to reflect of the day ahead
To dream of the courage to see hope and not despair.

Countless hours wasted on thinking of what used to be
No longer living my in fear of things to come
But instead embracing all that could be and faith in God.
Trusting and relying on someone we can't see, to shelter me from the storm.

Breathing in the beauty of the sunrise and the love that surrounds us all
breaking free of every lie spoken, continually aware to avoid self-will
Finally understanding that helping others strengthens our heart and renews our mind.
Everyone has a stumbling block to challenge us to be better than yesterday.

With our feet standing firmly on the ground...
We take our head from the clouds to seek everything good and true
While the past is still a memory, we can use our experience, strength and hope
Finally, a reason to let go of the pain we have stored up from the past.

As our eyes grow heavy and the day comes to an end
We can stay in the present, with a vision of what joy tomorrow will bring
Lying in the safety of our beds, always a prayer to give thanks
We slumber again, continually repeating the cycle of underserved blessings.
After reading, pls provide specific feedback.....  I thank you for taking the time to help support a fellow poet:)
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