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carson May 6
my body aches
she's no longer here

you're in my head
i'm so scared

never got to say goodbye
i love you
a poem for my mother
she passed away last night
carson Mar 6
i am a female
oh now i'm a male

days go on
and i'm still changing

everyday's not the same
for i am not choosing to stay as one

i am both
nobody can change me
carson Jan 27
sitting by myself
minding my business
can't you just leave me be

I got myself
I don't need anybody else
I got my own back

talk to me
while I ignore every word
that falls out your mouth

no, I don't need anyone else
I got me
that's all that matters to me

I have my friends
but they're not with me
so alone I am

I prefer to be alone
online on my laptop and phone
with my music blasting in my ears

I got myself
and that's all that counts
I don't need anyone
carson Nov 2019
a single flower petal falls
he realizes it all
that one disease
has claimed another

no more petals to fall
no one to attend the ball
he's lonely now
and forever on
a mixture of shinso dying because of hanahaki and denki finding out afterwards. it's part of two books i'm writing.
carson Sep 2019
What is a promise worth when it means nothing at all to a broken person?
An excuse to make people happy?
To make someone believe lies even more?
What is it?
carson Dec 2018
So what if I'm gay,
What does it mean to you?
You have no say,
In what I do
carson Dec 2018
I'm a girl, who likes both genders
But what happens if I come out of the closet
Will people like me better,
Or dislike me forever

I was a straight girl,
Now, I'm unsure
Do I like girls,
Or whoever's in this world
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