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John Byrd Oct 2015
Sometimes I forget to look at the points in between my destinations.
So focused on point A and B that I ignore the beauty of the journey.
Pythagorean taught me that C^2= A^2 + B^2.
Leaving no point behind because you can’t be lead to one point without another.
Every moment matters.
Matter cannot be created nor destroyed,
Meaning that matter is always with you.
Embrace the in between as well as the destination.
Your destination will soon become a middle point.
Perspective is so key.
The key to unlock a narrow point of view.
Once that point was you.
Unlock your mind to see far beyond where your eyes can take you.
John Byrd Oct 2015
Please reconnect your controller.
Give your attention back to me.
Reconnect your electrical current to my system.
Do not let these control systems capture you.
Your mind is decaying one half life at a time.
Half of your life can’t be mine.
Either I’m your electrical generator
Or you find your power elsewhere in the world.
You have to be fully charged for me,
To truly be connected to me and my word.
Can you half love?
Can you half trust?
Can you be half alive?
Dead to your flesh but alive in my spirit,
But through my spirit you are made whole.
Do you want temporary relievers or eternal forgiveness?
Let me tell you aleve will still leave you feeling the same hours later.
Believe and it shall come to pass
That the aftermath of your life was already determined in the past.
So weep not my children
For this present life is nothing compared to the future glory.
John Byrd Oct 2015
Have you ever ran water in a dark room?
Light can only travel so far down the faucet.
Once the pipe bends only darkness can follow.
You can wallow in your tears for they’ll stream down the drain.
Everything falls down the faucet at the end of the day.
The only sound left is a cold defeat.
Has despair ever snuck in your ear drums,
Pounding until the point of immense pain?
Once you reached your pinnacle all was still the complete same.
Still sane?
John Byrd Aug 2015
Sitting in the emergency room feeling used and abused.
I can't even wrap my head around it
Maybe that's why I'm in the emergency room.
But wraps won't help at the moment.
My mind isn't right so I continue to write until I get it right.
I can't.
It will never happen.
Flash backs to bad memories I want to forget.
I wish I could erase these feeling but life isn't a chalk board yet somehow it's still messy.
I'm better than this and that.
With the weight of the world on my back somehow I remain I'm tact.
Falling apart as my tooth decays
Roting from the inside out
A shout is all I let out.
John Byrd Aug 2015
There comes a time in everyone's life where they have to ask themselves is it worth it. I mean I have the American dream right? I think they're all lies told to make you think you have to reach for something or life is meaningless and wasted. All these empty goals reached don't make me happy. The process is still voided and leads to a dark hole. At 20 my life was never the same and I don't  know whether that's good or bad. Just memories to me currently. I can swim a little, but the waves still still get me ashore. Trying so hard some would say I lost my black card. Some would say my sanity is at risk for extinction. Then I ask myself did it ever exist. Both my sanity and this dream I call mine. Land mines in a field if you ask me. Rat traps to keep you trapped in thinking smaller than you are. Delusion of grandeur leaving me thinking I'm greater than I really am. Balance is the key that kept my door locked all my life. They don't tell you about balance. They tell you failure is avoidable and leads to pits. But really you have to fail to succeed and too much success will ruin you. Oxymorons that's tell you that it's okay to be fine with not being where you want to be.
John Byrd Aug 2015
Only remaining conscious enough to see myself gasping for air.
Hands around my neck,
I see the mark they left.
It's all I can see...
Struggling to stay above sea level
Trying not to fall in the sea
I can't move so what am I to do?
From comfortable to uneasy really quick.
I don't even think I'm still alive.
Just moving fast enough for no one to notice.
Eviction notices at my peak.
John Byrd Jul 2015
Her fruit was so ripe
One touch and everything could bust
Losing control from just the sight
My mind was windy and my thoughts were cloudy
So I was swaying blindly.
Thinking she would be lost without me.
Lack of self control leading to lethal injections.
Lucy foresaw my downfall
Before I saw my bottom of my grave
Death was written in our vows.
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