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PoeticEvade Jul 2013
You got your pen and your paper, do this now, don't wait till later.

Let your thoughts pour out on the page, get the key and unlock your emotion cage.

Think critically and figuratively, it will all pay off in the end, you'll see.

You're done with your work and now it's time to revise, maybe get someone to politely criticize.

Open your eyes, this is what you always wanted to do. Each line describes your mood.

This outlet is soothing and warming, you can write whatever you want.

Making your work beautiful, your own type of font.

You are a writer.

Write what you know, write what you feel.

Be artistic and original.  Make your writing come alive, breathing and real.

Thoughts are like an orange, creativity & inspiration come together as you peel.

Be yourself and love what you do, because the best person you can be, is the one and only YOU.
PoeticEvade Jul 2013
A thin, thin line stretched across the sky.
Looking up, you see four blue beautiful creatures, who usually fly.
Why so serious?
Have fun in your life!
Be mysterious!
Those are the people who have some spice!

Whoa, about to fall?
You see the others, why not just do what they do and sit?
But we're all wild and crazy by default,
but sometimes we don't show it.

Some tend to think outside the box.
The third bird wanted to be different and hang upside down like an owl.
Go a little crazy and maybe lose your socks?
Too excited to go to the pool? You forgot your towel!
Not too crazy that your neighbors might call the cops.

Just be yourself!
You don't want to be cliche' and boring like a dusty book on the shelve.
PoeticEvade Jul 2013
When a door is open,
A love crook can steal the key,
like Bonnie and Clyde,
This couple is meant to be.

These two are like Peanut Butter and Jam,
One without the other is simply not possible,
it's like having Thanksgiving, without any Yams!

Together they are, together they be.
Life without each other cannot be seen.
What are those 3 words?
Oh yeah, I LOVE YOU.
Je t'aime,
Te Amo too! I'm afraid if he goes away, I'll be blue.
Some type of sickness,
maybe the flu.

But no, this couple is strong and won't break.
This couple gives more
and barely takes!
My babe? My boo? Yeah nicknames, there any many more.
I know this relationship will last,
plenty of adventures we will explore.
PoeticEvade Jul 2013
If you go, you go, you don't come back.
It's like Tupac being resurrected,
returning to rap.

The door of my life is always creaked open a little.
I trust too many,
people play me like the Fiddle.

But what's the answer to this riddle?
When will it be solved?

It's like I'm the prey
and I'm in between a lion's Jaws.
I mean we all have flaws,
no one's perfect.
Society fvcking with people,
boys telling girls to "twerk it".

Is this how things are now?
Everyone wants fame.
People can't remember Nakia,
I'm No Name.
PoeticEvade Jul 2013
So this is it?
This is the end of us?
What happened to the good times?
I need time to adjust.

I thought we were doing good,
what I thought was a good start,
Clearly I've misunderstood,
I thought you could mend my broken heart.

We were together for five months,
going on six.
Turn that me and you into a we, can I fix it?
You were like a breath of fresh air in my lungs.

When are you coming back?
Why did you leave?
Is it because of something I lack?
This is hard to believe.

You are perfect with me.
You were the light inside the tunnel that I could see.
Why did we die?
Now I sit in my corner all day & night and just cry.
1) "I wonder if you forgot to put my address
      in the upper left hand corner
      when you sent your heart away."

Explaination: I like this quote because it explains a lot of what I feel at times. I'm always the dumpee and can never find love. :[
PoeticEvade Jul 2013
Zipped up,
no way out.
Can't shout,
*you want out.
PoeticEvade Jul 2013
She doesn't belong here.
By looking at her face, you can see her fear.
Why has she come?  
She is the gum,
under my shoe.
Pathetic ****.

Why doesn't she have friends?  
She's never with the latest trends.  
She's an awkward little ****.
Looks like shes' had too many tummy tucks.

You judge her,
but you don't know her.
You know her face and maybe her mother.
But you don't know how much she suffers.
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