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m z Jan 2016
i am the tide and you are the moon
m z Dec 2015
i lost a friend today.
writing it down in ink does not make those words feel any realer,
it just makes them more tangible.
they are no longer just starry constellations fusing in my mind.

i lost a friend today.
i still remember sitting in the green fields at school,
surrounded by our peers lolling in the sun.
you made me daisy chains,
slipped them onto my wrists and a longer chain
on my head like a crown.
our cheeks were rosy and as the tender breeze wafted by,
we would share oranges that you bought from home,
just for us.

and i’d like to blame you for it all,
the tears and the anguish and
the sleepless nights and grey skies.
but deep down i am aware that it was all me,
it always will be, if it’s something bad.

how selfish of me to believe that you needed me
as much as i needed you
not like the air that i breathe,
but rather the air that we exhale
because that’s necessary too
much like a sigh of relief.

like an older sister, you shall always remain
i’ll continue to pretend that our falling out
was only moments ago,
and you’ll soon say the words to
forget this, even though
it’s been 23 days.

and i still miss you,
in the most ugliest parts of myself -
the parts that are unafraid to confess to it.
m z Dec 2015
i write as if
my words will be heard,

as if people will
tattoo my words into the skin
on their barely clad shoulders,

as if what i have to say is
somehow important,

as if the delicate sunset will
ever appreciate my love letters
to her.

every fibre of my being
has twirled and whirled into
the belief that your eyes hold
the truth,

yet every time my mind
reaches for your mind,

i am hit by a tumult of
lies and i learn that my body
will always betray my mind,

as if the marathon my tongue
runs is unsynchronised
with the race my legs are

so i hope my words never
dance upon your skin, never
ever have the blessing of
touching you,

i wouldn't want my indecisive
thoughts ever perching upon you
like a lost pigeon who forgot
it's way home and is unwilling
to take flight.
m z Aug 2015
my teeth
are crooked.

my mouth has
been through wars.

always biting my

to stop the
wrong words
m z Aug 2015
my skin is coloured.
what does that say about me.
that i live in rainbows
and you live in a
m z Aug 2015
were you awake at
did you see the
slight nod of agreement
from the sun to the
m z Aug 2015
the hair on my head
sprouts from my soul.

it is wild and
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