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I hear the melody though it skips a beat each time an arrow strikes
A sweet tune your personality plays leaving me to feel so enticed
Sometimes you drain me but it's like my glass never runs out because you know how to refill
It's delicate tank that on average was a desolate wasteland with no will
Think of it as a car with a messed up engine that needs a push to start
Or one of those moments you're losing the race but you receive a golden mushroom in Mario Kart
The feeling you bring chips away at my icebox and melts its inner shell til you can see what it was protecting
The barren but hopeful ***** that destiny and love were always neglecting
I can't picture many days where my face didn't light up just because I got to be with you
I know I see you almost everyday but you're like my Pokémon, I always want to Pik-a-chu
To be honest you remind me of a nice adorable little poodle and I just want to take you home
But since you're a poodle and all dogs go to heaven it means I have an angel in my midst to change my tone
I get all bubbly inside and carefree just being around you on a daily
It's like a sigh of relief, an Hakuna Matata, the only thing that keeps me from going crazy
You're the spice that seasons my character the taste of life I've longed for
The only reason I keep this electricity flowing is because you showed up with an extension cord
Even if I wanted to I couldn't deny the emotions I've been picking up lately
I just hope I'm not the only one that feels this way because you're the most incredible young lady
That I've ever met and honestly if I had to man up and tell you the truth about what I say in my mind
Then I'd tell you I could care less whether I'm called a friend because I always think of you as my future wife in due time
The bond I feel goes deeper than any mere infatuation
It passes a barrier that leads to a deep heart palpitation
There's not a chance that I'd miss if it meant I could capture your essence but from a closer distance
In a heartbeat I'd give up a fortune if it meant I could join your resistance
Because I can't resist you it's like trying to separate Martin Luther King from his dream
Or like trying to rip apart your favorite shirt seem by seem
I know that I can't explain deeply how I truly feel
Simples words can't explain what actions can though I have a hard time trying to reveal
My emotions through my actions because my body can get a bit stiff at times
And once I'm able to each action will amount to more than just some cheap rhymes
You are a beautiful flower, a caring spirit with a delightful attitude
An intelligent individual, a dainty little ole lady who can never be devalued
I can care less what anyone has to say because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I definitely see more than beauty both inside and out
I see things I can't explain though they drive me toward you, reel me in, have me toss and turning in excitement and salivating from my mouth
And don't worry about the pain you once felt that's a past I will never let you look back on as each day passes
It doesn't matter how you look or who you turn out to be, I love you with both your braces and your glasses ☺️
We can both get cozy, live lavishly and live with this neverending luxuriance
Me and you together, we can explore with each other and make this A Wondrous Experience
#AlwaysChooseRight   #YourHeartIsTheRightPath   #WaitForTheRightOne
Words I can't express, a pool of doubt and a hope that the water hasn't been tainted
One of those it's too good to be true moments that actually might be too good to be true
Thought I was walking down an unfamiliar lane getting closer to the goal lying at the end
But now I don't even know if that goal is even reachable anymore or if I'm just stuck in a loop I can't escape
It's ripping me apart by the seems and I don't think I have any elasticity left in my body to endure it any longer
It's about time I stopped pumping blood so I can flip the leaf over and stain it with a new colour
The human body isn't just some play thing, it has to be respected and their vital organs are to be kept sacred with respect
We weren't meant to play with one's strings like a guitar and keep the rouse up til they pop
But sadly that's the so called human nature we always preach about, doesn't seem like MJ's word got through to humanity
To be honest I don't know how to feel about this but the closest answers I can get are empty, taken for granted and misunderstood
Why must one **** two birds with one stone when there's a possibility two birds can **** one with no stones
Poetic Passion Dec 2018
You know what I've got a message for the future to me, myself and wife
I know I....we've been through some ups and downs, hit so many lows but always got high
I'm your past but still gifted because I'm my present waiting to see our surprise nonetheless pleasant
But I trust your judgment because I know you chose right, fought the fight and got a full moon and not the crescent
This message is to show you how far you've come and what you've done
I'm the unfinished product and you're the aftermath of operation put down the gun
I'm proud of you, you finally found a beauty who could handle your inner beast
Going above and beyond like Luffy overseas you found your very own One Piece
But hold on for a bit, its about to time I spoke to my future wife so I can show her that all this ink wasn't just for nothing
I'm gonna show you that this holiday season wasn't only for cuffing
I'm praying for the day I get to meet you even though I can feel your energy nearby
I think it'll happen all of a sudden, when cupid drops down for a visit and surprises me with a drive by
So I might as well shoot my shot and hope you're the one this message goes to
Because I'm trying to become a petty thief like Aladdin and Apu
Only difference is my crime will make history, it'd make me an international Christmas thief
I'll steal you and your heart and afterwards I'll steal a kiss under the mistletoe right before I run off with you and the reef
I don't question my future self since I know he has the greatest and wouldn't settle for anything inferior
I could just picture it out now me and you buying our own house and decorating the interior
You'd be the only one clearing my conscience and cleaning my psyche
We'd be the shoulder for the other when things get rough and have deep discussions on a nightly
Cry with you through every struggle, tell you its going to be alright and hold you tightly
Have our disagreements and get into arguments where things get a little too feisty
But ****, I wish I could put myself in my future's footsteps now and experience all that first hand
I still think of it all as my personal fantasy, a miraculous kingdom and a luxurious life all for one man
Luckily you'll be living that dream while I'm working on making that my soon to be reality
So if I scare her a bit its because you know I'm unorthodox and she'll have to get to used to this abnormal activity
My world will collide with yours my soon to be future wife
Its like we're exchanging vows right now, holding hands in marriage and I'm making you mine for life
Now to finish off this message to my future self I hope you understand that you're holding a diamond in the rough
I don't want to say you should be spoiling her but one thing you should remember is enough could never be enough
I'm still here hoping you remember the words we always said hoping their fresh in your memory like a tic tac
Because you can never forget 'every minor setback is just another reason for a major comeback'
I can already imagine it, tearing off the wrapping paper and loosening the ribbon, getting what was on my wish list
I hope to see you inside because all I want is you for my gift this Christmas
#MoveOnImpulse        #NeverWaitTooLate    #GetHerBeforeItsTooLate
#YouHoldThePower     #Christmas2K19SoonToBe
Poetic Passion Jul 2018
I'm on mental lock after my mentality turned into mortal kombat
I was scorpion til I changed to sub-zero so stop playing with my thermostat
Can't be so hot and blazing like Chef Ramsey cooking with hell's fire
Then colder than ice like a snow storm going haywire
I lost my appetite sitting in standby as part of your perfomance
I got fire and ice around my heart and a giant hole so I feel hella dormant
You know I might as well cut this pity act out because I'm getting nowhere with these words
On God I'm really tired of my voice going unheard
This is a mental note I want you to take physically from me to you
So take the ******* invisible glasses off your face so you can hear one word or two
I'm locked away on my own private island not to escape but because I'm a prisoner
Yeah we're all human and a creation of God's but we're still natural born sinners
All sin is weighed the same still doesn't mean you can commit whatever crime you want
You committed the crime yet my poor excuse for a life is what death wanted to haunt
I'm physically, emotionally and mentally tired of this bs going on and enough is enough
Should've known It was all like Texas, I couldn't hold em so I never called your bluff
I'm spitting the blackness you instilled in my heart or should I say you added more fire to a dark and bitter flame
Just read the words being poured before I decide to blow out my cerebral membrane
Forget it you wouldn't understand anyway, you're only trying to be  a convict playing victim
A pity story is what you brought to the table end you still expect to believe that this is your dictum
I never thought this would be of reckoning for this path, didn't roses could turn into infectious weeds
I listened to my heart and tried to keep it all together thinking I was placing my faith in a mustard seed
Guess the jokes on me the devil most definitely is a liar guess he pulled all the stops on this one
Straight down from the bottom of your rugged feet up to the top of of hair placed in a bun
I had so many dreams yet I'm under enslavement to this game we shall speak of because I can't stop tossing and turning around in my sleep
Too many emotional scars and wounds and you don't have to guess because you know **** well that this one cut real deep
Depression and anger from hot to cold like sapphire and ruby
Their an inseparable pair some could call em a beastly beauty
But I never referred that to me that was an added line to make you think was a turning point where you'd see cherry blossoms
I got all these lego blocks falling apart from my heart when I only wanted to be AWESOME
Cut the bs out I didn't I'd be fighting Edward scissor hands with a piece of paper
I got so much my presents ****** like my past, I feel like the next Hello Neighbor
I'm getting ready to conclude to you what I feel burning within in my body and its not a desire to return
I feel like a newly born 9/11 disaster and now its only become none of your concern
Just lost and broken no words to be spoken I'm at a suicidal arcade trying to spend all my tokens
Getting ready to walk down the streets so once I say Sesame the doors'll be opened
You brutally murdered what little sanity and I'm on my way to an insane asylum
I can't excuse the pain you left behind beating me humdrum
I'm on my last limbs trying to send you a direct quote
Because I won't be the only one who has to pay after writing this Mental Note
Poetic Passion Jul 2018
Happiness is but a myth, watching smiles light a room what a wonderful gift
I said happiness is but a myth, watching smiles light a room what a wonderful gift
I said happiness is but a MYTH, now that I have your attention watch my lips closely
Emotional battles rage on in both my heart and mind "Do I live, do I die"
Yes you heard me correctly I didn't think my heart would be sitting here playing I spy
Because my little eyes don't have enough tears although I cry the atlantic
But then again I rather spill my own blood and take a ride along the titanic
I'm only human so why must I suffer such a curse of a life
But who said I had to suffer when I own a deadly kitchen knife
That way I wouldn't have to be seen or heard, left alone to the dead and become extinct
Just wait for it to happen I'll disappear as soon as you blink
I can't live like this anymore broken, shattered searching for a crescent moon to meet my face
Only thing is I got that crescent moon but its hanging on the dark side blind to the sun deep in outer space
I'm a waste of space an outcast like Pluto wanting to be a planet but ******* I can't manage
I can't keep opening up a black hole and a worm hole and still try to cover it up with the same bandage
Thought I was loved in the slightest when in reality I'm a loner putting his shadow amongst the physicals
Well those who actually have a body since I deteriorated a while ago and couldn't even be called mechanical
I'm getting colder by the second you'd think I was a corpse
Well you wouldn't think it since it may soon be a true story and I'm telling you this without any remorse
Basically I hate life nothing was in it for me except the usual daily depression
I call it my best friend a brother and sister and it gives me the greatest ****** expression
I think the best way to leave this horror film is with the Grim Reaper as my shouffer
There's no way you can save me now because death is Just A Little Closer
Poetic Passion Apr 2018
I'm ready to shoot, hand me the pistol *** I'm ****** all the time
These issues are deeper than an Adam's apple so take a bite of Adam's apple, that was the world's first crime
I hid myself so much my sanity was the only thing the seeker couldn't find
I made contract for my life but the liability waiver was never signed
I'm lost in these thoughts undoubtedly trapped in my own mind
Just waiting for the stars and planets to become aligned
Since things naturally don't go right although a stitch in time saves nine
But its all like Amanda on drugs, that life's the only thing she couldn't Byne
I'm brain dead to reality you could call that a cerebral ******
I'm trying to bend the facts but I just keep saying "insert girder"
I tried to dance life away so I took lessons from Tina at Bob's Burger
But I still seem to be invisible in plain sight like telling you what the hell is a Berber
I'm just rambling out words to hide the old love in my eyes
Since I was stuck in the past searching for an ex-her-size
And if you looked into my eyes two months ago I could tell you I loved to despise
A relationship til I caught an angel with no lies or disguise
I always wondered what life would be like if both my grandfathers never died
I met one at his funeral and the other had a demolition dirby crash because the other guy didn't read the driver's hand guide
I'd give a lot to see them and what they were like they'd be the ones I confide
The feelings of my past pain and agony, let then know how I was trapped in the rough seas with high tide
I often believed my eyes drip dropped because every drop eye dripped was a waterfall of mental issues
If you thought Squidward was bad when he sang boys who cry then I'm gonna four ply for these eyes no other tissues
I used to take happiness for granted well at least that was my excuse
To stay in the darkness of my shadows because I couldn't even reach silver with my super sonic level of abuse
Corruption is nothing but a stain on my shirt and memory lane is just about an aisle down from my rebirth
I didn't think I could make it this far after being imprisoned behind the suicidal bars and my lack of self worth
I wasn't too fond of my father so I adopted father time and it was mother's nature to act like my mother earth
But sometimes I think this life being born was but a broken condomn that couldn't break the return the slab curse
Its been a while since I've had a depressing memory but thank GOD its still that way
I'm still trying to walk on my ten toes so I could tip toe through the Garden of Eden when its my time and day
But sin weighs me down and I live off of these unhealthy murderous thoughts and sometimes forget to pray
Good thing I'm still in my youth pushing it to the limit like Corbin Bleu would say
I have at least eight more lines left so let's keep the heat running at a ten
Watch what light enters your eyes because my fire could damage your retina and shatter your lens
Leaving you with distorted images like capturing Kodak, black and white pictures will be the new trend
If your not laughing yet take a sip of this aqueous humor, my boujee friend Mercedes thought her last name was Benz
There's little to go so try to read in between the lines of this mental battle
You're stuck playing with babies but I'm trying to hang with the snakes that rattle
This conversation is from me to you never look for a farmer who'll treat you like cattle
And if didn't you know I was the narrator, main character and second person so has your mind been dismantled?
#LetTheMindFlow #PutPenToPaper
Poetic Passion Jan 2018
There are four queens
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