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PoetheticSoul May 2018
Skinny, I was told I was not.
Skinny, I was taught.
Skinny is the thing that makes
All the men love you more,
And that makes you hate
Yourself even less.
Skinny is the answer to every
Question you ever had.
Your intelligence, personality,
And your perspective,
It all means nothing. Even your
Heart means nothing, if
Your body is not thin.
PoetheticSoul Mar 2017
Every time I close my eyes it is your face which greets mine. I feel your hands caress my cheeks and comb through my hair in the gentle whips of the flowing wind. Your voice speaks to me in the songs of the bird, telling the endless stories of me and you to the whole world around him. I feel the warmth of your touch in the sun gleaming down upon my pale skin. Then, hearing a call I wake from my dream and find you are not beside me. My heart only imagines what could be, if I had such brash courage to whisper it into your ears. This is the desire of my eyes, to see yours meet mine in look of love that over time will never fade. So we shall never part our paths but instead, intertwine into a beautiful lane to stroll down upon hand in hand.
For M.K.
PoetheticSoul Sep 2016
In finding you I feel like I’ve found a treasure, long lost by sunken ships 50,000 feet buried under sea. I wake up with a dance in my steps, a new song sung from the depths of my once frozen heart. I see the sun glimmering in from my bedroom window, brighter than any star on a warm, magical, summer night. The air that fills my lungs is completely different than the oxygen I have inhaled since birth. What feeling is this? Why did your voice awaken me from the comatose sleep once that held me a prisoner?  My heart screams out “Why did you start what cannot not be shut off? What made you awaken the parts of me that I wished to have kept forever frozen and never open for you gape at like some piece of art in museum?”  You have me exposed, left for spectators to critique and scorn. I can’t help but love and crave the way you understand me; the way you let me ramble about my passions, my poetry, and they way you share with me your desires and dreams. When I am around you, I feel as if I am a fiend who longs for the next high from a drug hid in the depths of his pocket. The country you were born and raised in is long left behind as you start your new journey here. It is a sorrowful struggle with adjusting in this foreign land called, America. The barriers are up high and wide, this nation callous and cruel to your being, your very existence. Your days are filled with worry and work, and your nights of sorrow and loneliness, longing to go back to the place that is stricken with corruption, war, and famine. The only thing that keeps the sanity is a text sent here and there between the hours of our wakened state. You haven’t even held or kissed me and yet, I feel as if I was the one who tasted of the forbidden fruits from the tree instead of Eve, because you are my greatest sin, and possibly my end. I have never been in love before, but if were to be I hope it would be with you.  For you have enraptured me, whether you chose to or not.
For my dearest friend who is so much more, M.K., With love.
PoetheticSoul Jul 2016
How do I write all these emotions flooding my thoughts that I should drown and my body be held captive by its sea.  You woke my heart that did not beat until the moment in which you called my name and brought oxygen into it. My days were dark and lifeless before you and you brought them to light with life. The moment the storm came I should have recognized my folly, oh how foolish my little pathetic heart was, enraptured with the promises of your love. I only wish then that I would’ve lain frozen in the rivers love than to have tasted the sweetest fruits from the world’s best cup.  How could you water your rose garden with so much patience and tender care, but tear it from its native soil and sell it to another man in the name of replanting? I did not want this. I did not ask for this.  All my days I spent wishing and longing for someone I imagined to be just like you. I never wished all those long and lonely nights to become a prisoner trapped inside her mind, and paralyzed the moment I realized my blindness in love.
      **–Love the brokenhearted girl’s truth.
Recently love deceived me and left me shattered by the illusions that I had mistaken for reality.
  Jul 2016 PoetheticSoul
Caroline E
Why is it that the nights fill me with sadness?
  Jul 2016 PoetheticSoul
"Why do you always walk around like you're in love, when you aren't at all?"

"I am in love.
I'm in love with the flowers I pet,
I'm in love with the smiles of the awful people in this town,
I'm in love with the sun on my neck,
the ground under my feet,
the fact that I've been alive for this long,
the fact that I could die at any second and I'd still laugh at a pun.
I'm in love with pain, because it let's me know I'm alive.
I'm in love with thrill, because it makes me feel invincible and fragile at the same time.
I'm in love with every skin cell I've ever touched.
I'm in love with the way the world changes without me.
I'm in love with the eclectic bodies I see.
I'm in love with naivety and wisdom.
I'm in love with domesticity and wilderness.
I'm so in love with my surroundings, I can't help but show it."
  Jul 2016 PoetheticSoul
Love me like coffee
Knowing I'm bitter
But drinking me up

Love me like rocks
Knowing I'm dense
But picking me up

Love me like a cup
Knowing I'm empty
But filling me up
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