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Come, see, I have some pain in chest,
Come, let me put your arms around me!
Here, see the coldness in my soul,
Come let me hear the sound of your breath,

Come, hide yourself in my breast,
Come let's escape from this world
Let me steal from hearts of others
Come, Let me shed all the tears of grief,

I've a home, conquered by your absence,
A heart, stabbed by your desolation,
Let me be the consolation under your feet,
Come, let me hear my name from your tongue!
Look at these beautiful leaves,
These graceful colours,
Alas! These leaves betray the trees,
These colours fade away and
This reminds me of you!

Look at these beautiful streams
These unagitated waters,
Alas! These waters form fierce storms
Everywhere, look, there are people dancing
Look there is a charming joy spread everywhere,
Alas! These dances change into mournings
This joy too falls away,
And this reminds me of you!

These changing seasons, these uncertain rains,
These burning souls, these unhonoured promises,
These broken down people, these flowing tears
Everything that exists, reminds me of you!
Shah Fahad Sani Sep 2018
There is a chaos in my beats,
A sound of some sin keeps calling me
The elicited filth is blurring my vision
The guilt of my iniquitous deeds keeps visiting me!

A conflict is there, between my soul and body,
I am pulling away from myself to myself!
This pain in my heart keeps withering my poor soul!

In search of love, I left no stone unturned!
My toes are bruised while walking barefoot up to hills,
I've seen the thorns stuck in my skin and flesh!
O death! Come take me away from myself!!
Shah Fahad Sani Jul 2018
I've been falling from the skies
And I see no grounds, where I can just strike,
Where my blood will smear all over.
Nah! No poem or any story is it!
Just an image of my thoughts!
How beautifully am i messed!
How my flaws are haunting me!
I see nightmares, in which I've seen my death
They, taking me in a coffin, walking so fast!
I see myself crying, hailing as loud as possible
They ain't listening to me!
Then I open my eyes and see I'm still alive
But look! I am dead inside!
Now no one is carrying me!
No coffins, no crowds, but a lone me!
I cry, I hail, they hear and laugh!
I see a darkness all around,
I see some ascaping souls,
Laughter of them tears my heart!
I see moments stuck,
I see the fierce sounds arising from somewhere!
Why this restlessness my friend? Why?
Now come, emerge from this darkness  
For my quests are unfinished without you!
Shah Fahad Sani Jul 2018
One day, maybe one day,
We will meet,
I'll concede your face
And a spark will lighten up my eyes!

After seeking permission, I'll
Hold your hand, like the old times,
One day, maybe one day,
I'll laugh from my heart.

After asking permission,
We'll walk then, abreast,
One day, maybe one day,
We'll walk beyond their sights

Don't you mind, if I Put my
head in your lap and sleep,
‎ one day, maybe one day,
Besides you, I'll sleep forever!

Shah Fahad Sani Jul 2018
I don't know why,
Why I escape the shades
and curse the sun for getting me warm!
I don't why my soul is flinching the world!

The horror of nights and that grimness
of days, don't let me sleep or remain awake
I don't know, if I am still living or
This life has deserted me before a long!

The soothing music tears me apart and
That lethal silence intimidates my fragile heart!
I don't know if I still belong to myself or
I have been snatched away before a long!
Shah Fahad Sani Jul 2018
O God !! I can't convince and
they can't feel......
Change their hearts if
You won't change my tongue
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