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  May 20 Poetemkin
Dylan McFadden
Life is short
And time is borrowed;
“If freed today,
I’ll preach tomorrow”

...spoken from
His prison cell,
The faithful one
Who conquered hell

When kings and men
Put him to flight
He stood his ground
Without a fight

And gladly took
To shackles – chains –
To prove to all
His Faith remained


Life is short
And time is borrowed;
“If freed today,
I’ll preach tomorrow”

See, he had been a
Prisoner, freed,
From far more
Fearful enemies

The first of which
Was his own flesh:
A death which died
Its death in Death

The Death of the
Triumphant King –
The Holy One –
The King of kings!


The One who
Traded life for Life –
Who gave it all
And took the knife…

…that he would sing
Without a sorrow:
“If freed today,
I’ll preach tomorrow!”

Inspired by the story of the English writer, John Bunyan, best remembered for his book *The Pilgrim's Progress* (the second best-selling book of all time)
Poetemkin Nov 2019
What shall I say unto the God who's name is Word?
What will sway the Word which upholdeth all things by his power?

How shall I reveal a thing to The Omniscient?
How shall I appear before the throne of The Omnipresent?

When may I be with he who is I Am?
When is time a frame for he from whom it flows?

Where is a seemly place to seat Omnipotence?
Where may haters of his light find untouched place to cower?

Who is fit to come and speak a word unbidden?
Who is has made of fallen men his children?

How much love caused each work of his hand?
How much praise does such majesty demand?
Poetemkin Nov 2019
I thank Thee, O Thou Living Word,
that Thou art mine and my Shepherd.
I love that Thou doest speak to me,
and know that such love springs from Thee.
Let Thy Word through my vessel flow,
and make the world Thy great love know.
Poetemkin Nov 2019
A great pitch for car
dealerships, but not so much
for a casino.
Poetemkin Nov 2019
Another day of waking sleep
lies ahead, and I must keep
my spirit on the path of love.
My flesh: let not a moment of
it's vile and putrid face
appear—Lord, keep me in Thy grace!
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