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Poetemkin May 12
It almost seems
As if there is,
In this community,
Some folks who work
To cast dispersions
Out quite liberally.
They work together,
If I judge right,
To shift negatively
The score of likes
On all comments
When they don't agree.
What is the point?
What can be gained
From this frivolity?
Poetemkin May 12
Awakened and
Awash with life, a soul
Abandoned amid artificial

Blinded by beauty best beheld
Beneath bold bastions of
Blazing silence. Craze

Cacophonies collide and
Congeal, coagulate and
Cluster—melting, not unlike
Neapolitan ice cream.

Durst the dwindling
Darkness dance its
Deathly defenstration? Ought it
To belay its night?

Evening ekes ever closer,
Edging; even seeking most to
Elevate eternity to its
End. Out with it. Time
Is not your pet!

Forward, faithful fowls of
Fancy: feast on flesh
For which you came!
Find a farewell fully

Get a grip on grime
Galore! Go, you gawdy
Grateful gyre; gone is all
Glory and rhyme. Now to
Exculpate a *****:

He's the hero herewith, and
Helping hide his horrid
Histr'y is the hill you have to

I, interloping idiot, I
Itch to irk some innocent
Ilse. I, the

**** ****** jankily onward
Just to justify juiced minds.
Jury, you must spew a verdict!
Judge you must sentence
This crime.

Klaxons blare that kegs are
Key to this
Kiss, but not to fool
Keen kind of

Limitations let me
Lie here looking like
Life left me lame.
Lots of lazy lack of

Made my music
Mainly maim. Most
Men motion more for

No one needs to
Name their cause;
Nothing will. Notice now,
What is northward,

Only our obliging airs
Often offered on the
Order of the oligarchic

Prosper we politely posting,
Positing our prescient claim?
Passing not the prophet's muster,
Put we not ourselves to

Quickly! Question who is
Questing quietly beyond the pale:
Quoth the raven quixotic chaos
Quite outside the

Range? Really, rouse the
Raspy rooster, rising sun a
Ruse too rare:
Rafting in on rising

Stallions stride the earth
So bare. Sing the song,
Six pence so-called,
Still the cost of
Love riebald.

Touch the tangled
Truths which dangle
Tantalizingly close to there;
Take the taudry lesson

Unleash hell upon the masses,
Unsuspecting users will delight,
Until all the unlit gases
Usher forth into our

Valor vests its
Vanquished victims with
Vociferous applause. Asking
Very little of them—just a life for a
Just cause!

War will wake the
wasting weapons wildly
Whet with wonderous

X, the spot is marked e-
xactly where was this

Yesterday young warriors
Yelled out yearning for
Years they have lost
Yeeting sinners into
Their graves.

Zoom! At Zion
Zealot's rage is launching—
Zero zest for living love—
Zoo-like, all the world is watching; all the world,
And that above.
Poetemkin Oct 2020
He's the Lion,
He's the Lamb,
Alpha, Omega,
the Great I AM

Ever before,
always after,
never defeated,
only master

Rejected by
His own creation,
He came down from His
throne to save them

For the world's sin
once crucified,
risen, seated at
the Father's side

Wielder of a
rod of iron,
enthroned forever
on Mount Zion

Righteousness and
peace He brings us,
hope and life within
is through Jesus
Poetemkin Aug 2020
Jesus always, only, ever
Be my Rock, my Help, my Guide
Jesus, Master, Lord, and Saviour
Purge from me all trace of pride
All I own to Thee I render
All I want in Thee I find
All my love to Thee forever
All my heart, my strength, my mind

Father, Maker, Recompenser
Giver of love, life, and law
Sending Thine own Son to conquer
And to rescue from the fall
All who to Thy power surrender
All who trust Thy faithful hand
All who take Thee as provider
All who rest upon Thy plan

Spirit, Healer, Comfort, Sealer
Hold me faithful to the end
Motives of my heart revealer
Errors of my way to mend
All the world of sin convincing
All God's truth Thou wilt defend
All my fear and doubt repealing
All good fruit on Thee depends
  May 2020 Poetemkin
Dylan McFadden
Life is short
And time is borrowed;
“If freed today,
I’ll preach tomorrow”

...spoken from
His prison cell,
The faithful one
Who conquered hell

When kings and men
Put him to flight
He stood his ground
Without a fight

And gladly took
To shackles – chains –
To prove to all
His Faith remained


Life is short
And time is borrowed;
“If freed today,
I’ll preach tomorrow”

See, he had been a
Prisoner, freed,
From far more
Fearful enemies

The first of which
Was his own flesh:
A death which died
Its death in Death

The Death of the
Triumphant King –
The Holy One –
The King of kings!


The One who
Traded life for Life –
Who gave it all
And took the knife…

…that he would sing
Without a sorrow:
“If freed today,
I’ll preach tomorrow!”

Inspired by the story of the English writer, John Bunyan, best remembered for his book *The Pilgrim's Progress* (the second best-selling book of all time)
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