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Peyton Sparks May 2020
A mother's love
Can take many forms:

It can be the water
So blue
Cooling you, on a hot day.

It can be the little green five
You "randomly" find
in your pocket.

It could even be the "luck"
Of catching the soft white bundle
At a wedding.

A mother's love
Can be lifetimes long...
Peyton Sparks Apr 2020
The dancing harlequin for all to see
Singing his songs full of glee

I never one trusted that jester white
For I felt it hid thoughts darker than night

The township felt coursing trepidation
With every publication

That the adolescent sprouts were exposed
With the rudiment of life on them posed

The police theories had omitted;
him, causing crimes committed

I shiver in fear when I hear his feet
Falling in line with my rapid heartbeat

He is before me, metal showing bright
I pray it will be made right
TW: graphic description of ******, etc.
Peyton Sparks May 2020
Thy creative mind is Divine.
It's winding paths, all spread and
growing, remind me of a grape vine.

Each path leading to a new notion.
In the wonderful scheme that is your
head, there is always a commotion.

They wonder, but don't observe and
ponder, why you always think.
They can't understand, especially with
their thoughts dripping out like a leaky
faucet in a kitchen sink.

While your thoughts are a waterfall,
running fast and heavy, giving the dull
people the slip.
Peyton Sparks Apr 2020
Interestingly enough

(I miss you)

Mayhaps love
Is not the
Solution to all the problems in the world but the,
Specific cause, creating a problematic

(I miss you)

Yearning of the soul that creates issues as dark as
Obsidian, or could it be that love will never be

I miss you
Peyton Sparks Jun 2020
A woman was shot
in her own home.
A man could not breathe
and then he gave his last breath.

Do their lives mean nothing
due to their skin?
Or because the color blue
is the reason they're dead?
Peyton Sparks Apr 2020
My lullaby too high

For you to hear,
for a whole **** year.
Eventually it comes out,
out of your shower tiles like grout.

"Can I be close to you?"
This poem is inspired by The Paper Kites' song "Bloom"! I definitely recommend listening to it.
Peyton Sparks May 2020
Her eyes blossom like a fresh pink bud in the sweet spring

She slinks from her casket like a black cat becoming resident of the shadows

Her fangs emerge gleaming like white sand belonging to paradise

She is ready to feed

— The End —