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  Jun 27, 2017
Zachary William

I remember the way
the alcohol
lubricated our words to each other
and she told me those three
poisonous words:
"I love you"
Except she added
my name to the end
to make sure I knew
how important it was.
"You're the only
person I've said that to,"
She told me that night
as we parted ways

The next day she told
me that it didn't count
and that she was being
and I remained in place
amongst those
who function better
as shadows,
withering under her
hoping to hear the
meaningless words

  Jun 26, 2017

Don't tell a rose how to grow
And The birds how to chirp,
Don't tell your daughter to be soft
Don't tell your son how to hurt.

Don't tell the sky what color to bleed
And a person, the right way to grieve,
Don't try to tame your daughter's tongue
Don't tell your son the manly ways to love.

Don't tell the wind which way to blow
Or the clouds how hard to rain,
Don't teach your daughter how to soak
Don't show your son how to easily reject.

Don't tell the sun to adjust its light
Or the truth how to show itself,
Don't tell your daughter it's feminine to shy
Don't teach your son how to reign with fists held high

Don't tell a heart how to beat,
Or the mind how not to soar
Don't clip off your daughter's  wings,
To make them a foundation for your son to grow

Don't tell a rose how to grow,
Lest it decides to turn its petal into thorns
Don't tell the birds how to chirp
And have their voices turn into rebellious growls.

  Jun 25, 2017
Hope White

I didn't even ask
To be your sun
Or your moon.

All I wanted was to be
Your Sunday afternoons.

How many empty calendars spaces
I wasted,
Waiting for you.

  Jun 24, 2017
David Hewitt

If I close my eyes
just lightly
I can almost see your face,
Like a slow moving shadow,
A whisper on a brow

But time has eroded your voice from my ears
Like the rust which eats away at
those pearly iron gates
Now just a memory of how brightly you once spoke

But how you must have loved me,
Sung to me as snow fell silently, and
wiped clean my face with a dampened thumb
How must you had buttoned up my shirt
what colour were your nails?
what songs did you sing?

My eyes sit loosely drawn
I play with each moment, flicking shards of light from the wings to the stage

And as you stay in the shadows
I reminisce
On what has never been

Lost my mother as a child. Lost my memory of everything
  Jun 23, 2017
Stephen E Yocum

"Thirty plus years in a
loving happy marriage,
My husband taken
by long illness
and sad ending.

Five years companionless
loneliness endured,
Now a naked man
is in my shower,
I can hear him softly

Love and companionship
can come at any age.
Rendering you both
whole and renewed again.

One line spoken by a lady
friend that caught my attention,
truth in it's meaning undeniable
and empowering. Love can come
at any age.
  Jun 22, 2017

Leave footprints on this shore
so others to come
might find the way.

  Jun 21, 2017
Sun Smriti

Between Sun and Darkness
    Poured her hearts
       In the south facing window  
                    The monsoon
                             ­ Illusion  
                  Counting bliss
         Got me
           The love came
               In disguise
                 of the burning
                   Was lights
                   Mild flame
              Hearts skip beats
            The thoughts
          in between
       Momentary moments
   Sun and Darkness
I called you mine         ..... ☆☆☆

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