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 Mar 2016 Jacob Kraft
m i a
sometimes i have to breathe in,
and breathe out,
so i can remind myself not
to doubt
my existence
so i can remind myself of
the distance
between my room and my
so i can remind myself to not give her another
gray hair
so i can remind myself that
someone out there
probably does care
so that i can remind myself that
i matter,
though my heart
may shatter
and the art
within me probably
won't matter
sometimes i have to breathe in,
and breathe out,
so i can remind myself that i am alive
and that i can survive.
just breathe, you can do it.
 Mar 2016 Jacob Kraft
m i a
since when did being sad,
become beautiful?*
since when did tears,
become beautiful?
since when did cuts,
become beautiful?
since when did mental illnesses
become beautiful?
Since when did depression
become beautiful?
when did all of this become, beautiful?
i want you to think that when i smile, and when i am happy is beautiful.
i want you to think that when i laugh, it is beautiful.
i want you to think that when my hair dances with the wind that it is beautiful.
I want you to think that when my eyes reflect the moon, that that is beautiful.
Sadness, pain, and everything does not define my beauty.
It should be my happiness that does, *
shouldn't it?
; this refers to anyone. whether your a boy, a girl, genderfluid or whatever. Sadness shouldn't define how beautiful you are.
 Mar 2016 Jacob Kraft
Star Dust
 Mar 2016 Jacob Kraft
Do you believe/ it could be / we are but dust from stars
And is it possible / that our molecules / are not truly far apart

Wonder with me / won't you please

Nobody really knows / exactly where they came from
But some know less / and some others can only guess

Will you please / wonder with me

Perhaps when existence began / all things were as one
But big bang happened / and we all got split up

Do you wonder / of our mystery

Maybe our molecules touched / before time was started
And now we've found each other / as close as before we parted
The body of a poem
            Could never be as beautiful as *yours
 Jan 2016 Jacob Kraft
3 am
you are responding slowly. i say i love you. you do not respond.

5 am
i say have a nice day you say you too.

7 am
i write you a poem of words i barely knew before google and thesauri i tell you you are beautiful. read at 7 17

11 am
i am in class biting my fingers you have not said a word i have sent you fifteen messages all left unread i am worried

2 pm
you have said nothing my head is shaking my hands are spinning you usually respond so quickly

3 pm
i saw that you were typing as i exited my messages. i never got a message.

5 pm
i sent a simple hi and was sent an automatic response that you had been offline for too long my message would be delivered when you came back online

7 pm
i sent you messages to see when you came back. you didnt come back.

1 month
its been 31 days youre still offline

2 months
i got a message today and i saw your name and my stomach flipped you said only hi and i said hello back. you did not reply.

1 year
i do not think of you, you left.

2 years
i saw you on the street you looked like a new person. i waved but you assumed i was acknowledging someone else. you walked away.

2.5 years
i got a message from an unsaved number that you killed yourself today and my number was in your phone and i might like to be informed. i didnt reply.
 Jan 2016 Jacob Kraft
They say once you fell in love,
he will be your world,
but they were wrong
because when I fell with you,
you have become my universe.
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