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Jacob Kraft Jan 2016
She means the world to you
And you mean the world to her
You two are fantastic for each other
I see it in your eyes when you think about her, in your face when you talk about her
I can sense how much you love her and that's a wonderful thing
I think I can finally accept that I don't need you to be any more for me than you already are
You and I are so close now
And that's all I need from you
A best friend, the best one I could possibly have
A queen that I can spoil
A girl that I can go to with any news, joy, problem, anything
You're always there for me and I love you for that
And I'll be here for you forever too
I'll still love you in the same exact way for the rest of my life
But I know that even if you love her more, I'll always be happy for you
**Because nothing makes me happier than to see you smile
L.R.  Thank you for helping me move on
Jacob Kraft Jan 2016
The color red, it's your favorite
The color white, your car, your house
Shakespeare, we were King and Queen
Choir, you sing like an angel
Gymnastics, you competed
Joseph, you directed
Laser tag, you destroyed
HIMYM, we watched as we cuddled
Your scent, it still lingers on me
Wine, I'd love to drink with you
New Years Eve, we talked all day and night
Mitchell's, we stayed for hours and conversed
France, we traveled together
Poetry, you got me writing again
My car, where we kissed at midnight
My basement, where we made love
It all reminds me of you

Sometimes I wish I had amnesia so I could forget...move on
But I love you so much
No case of amnesia could take you out of my mind

Although sometimes it hurts
I want you to know
That I love each and every one of those little things that reminds me of you
Jacob Kraft Jan 2016
Why does life have to be so cruel?
Putting myself in a place like this was not how I planned my senior year to go
And now I'm crying my eyes out
I'm in a world of pain and sorrow
I've never loved something so much that it hurt but you're my first
I'm leaving a trail of tears everywhere I go
I'm flooding the world with my emotions
No one can sense the pain I hide except for you
Jacob Kraft Jan 2016
I want you to be mine, but you're hers
I want to be yours too, but you're hers
I want to cuddle with you, but you're hers
I want to kiss you all day and all night, but you're hers
I want to be your everything, but you're hers
And I want you to be the same for me, but you're hers
There are so many things I want to do with you but can't
*You're hers
Jacob Kraft Jan 2016
I can't imagine a life where I don't end up with you
But to be's inevitable
And that scares me
You can't picture a life where I'm all you need
And that brings tears to my eyes
You apologize as the salt from my tears approaches my lips, leaving stains on my cheek
We've dug ourselves a deep hole that won't be easy to climb out of
My hands are shaking as I'm typing these words
The taste of salt on my tongue
Why did fate do this to us?
Everything happens for a reason, but what's the justification for all of this pain, suffering, love that won't evolve into anything?
Maybe we'll find out tomorrow, maybe we'll find out in a decade, maybe we'll never find out at all
But I can assure you one thing
If I had to redo this part of my life,
100 times out of 100, I would dig that hole again and again with you
L.R.  Wishing that you'd be my one
Jacob Kraft Jan 2016
Normal day at the office
New York City, can't complain
I wouldn't imagine anything
Going wrong today

Then we hear it...
Terrorists in the building
They're on the lower floor
Wielding guns, killing everyone

Our office goes on lockdown
We pile into one room
I pray to God they don't find us
No one deserves what's about to come

Door kicked open
Gunmen storm in
Screams and cries shriek out
I guess this is the end

They line us up
We cooperate with their commands
Maybe they won't **** us
If we don't make them mad

Then the nightmare begins
One by one they pull us out
In front of everyone so we can see
Stands straight, points gun, bang, on to the next one

I watch and shutter
As the bodies pile up
These were people I knew
And now their lives are done

I can't bear to watch this any longer
I sneak behind the line and hide
Behind a cabinet so they can't see me
Listening, I hear the worst sounds one can possibly imagine
1, 2, 3, Bang, Scream, Repeat

Then a pause
A muttering of foreign tongue
Footsteps creak against the floor
They're looking for more

One of them comes around the corner
He faces me with gun in hand
I lunge at him, grab the weapon, point
Shoot once, twice, three times
It's not so fun when you're the dead man

I look around the corner
More are coming my way
I send a quick prayer to God
Then jump into the fray

I shoot and I shoot
Fighting for my life
Knowing that I'm not going down
Without a fight

One down, two down, three down, four
Blood spatters the walls, bullets fall to the floor
My gun stops shooting, the cartridge is empty
There's no way to fight now
Need to find another way out

Throw the gun at the window
It cracks but doesn't shatter
"It's worth a shot," I tell myself
Then I flee from my cover

I sprint at full speed
As the bullet **** by
One of two hit me
But I keep fighting to survive

I lower my shoulder
Slam into the window
It shatters, I fall, I'm out
But the ground is quickly coming to meet me

I hit the ground with a smack
Glass raining down around me
People are looking at me and the building
Trying to discover what just happened

I get up slowly, painfully
A puddle of blood where I laid
People ask if I'm okay
But I tell them to run away

I run and I stumble
Away from the building
I'm slowly losing consciousness
Not knowing if I'm going to make it

Down the street I go
Searching vigorously for help
My vision is going out
I guess this is it

I awoke in my bedroom
I'm okay, all is well
Heck of a nightmare
Keep me away from that hell
This was one of those very realistic and vivid dreams where you see everything...I saw the blood, I heard the gun shots and the window shattering, I watched as people feared for their lives.
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