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Dec 2014
Depression has made a home in my bones
it curls up inside my rib cage
wounding itself around my heart
This body is a city that used to shine so bright.
Gold and silver dust glowed,
two elements that usually don't
go together blended harmoniously,
you could hear a symphony in your ear.
It was the core.
Now the city is empty,
except for the few stragglers that are trying
to fix it up to its former glory.
It is a lost cause, but they do not yet know
that the bones are decaying,
withering away.
The heart is beating
but it's bleeding.
Black blood that stains this **** city.
It's all deteriorating.
Soon it will be transparent.
Then it would be gone
Wrote this at 5 AM. My mind goes haywire at inconvenient times.
Written by
lost in my mind  ~Wonderland~
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