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Feb 2011
so I think its time to come out and say it because I’ve been hiding behind other words all this time and I’ve been allowing my subconscious to do the speaking but the aching of my body with you so far away has sanctioned to me to gauge just how hard I’ve fallen for you. luckily there was you to break the fall and in your arms I know I’m safe and I have finally realized that this is what I have always been without I have always fallen alone. I have always ended up face to concrete but with only a nosebleed to show what occurred. I never imagined that to stumble doesn’t mean to injure and that to love doesn’t mean to empty the contents of my eleven ounce lifeline. a quiet passion sits at the soles of my feet, waiting for my pulse to speed waiting for my pulse to dole it out, limb by limb and vein by vein until I am flushed in the face and salty in the eyes. any thing in the world you could say and I listen as if I am being explained how to cure cancer or establish world peace. every second in the same with room is like a cycle of the sun and every minute spent in you arms the rest of the universe does not exist and the only language is hysteria and heart beats. and I have always been under the impression that love is something that you are and there are signs to coming to the conclusion that you’re in it but all at once I realized that I have always felt a pull towards you and that is must be love hauling me your way.
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HR Beresford
Written by
HR Beresford
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