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Dec 2014
the hours struck off
faint whispers
within an empty room
nothing im not used to
I lay in bed
the walls began to consume me
slowly closing around me
breathing gets harder
I choke for air
its no where to be found
a pressure
begins to sink upon my chest
theres no easy way out
I look
for an explanation
and everything
suddenly is okay again
a raven
caws in the distance
another soul has been stolen
am i still alive
was it my soul?
I float above my body
maybe I finally fell asleep
and this is only
a wonderful nightmare
my silver thread is gone
I look up
theres no light
i am doomed for eternity
to wander aimlessly
among this god forsaken planet
an hope someone
willΒ Β stumble upon
my now decaying corpse
after all I chose solitude
I chose to be forever
within these wall
and now
it was my fate
no chance
to ever change
it"ll be more peaceful this way
Alyssa kasper
Written by
Alyssa kasper  Florida
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