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Dec 2014
Sandy is it safe?
Or should we continue to hide
Seems to me your now caffeine free
For the very first time in your life

In your endeavor I wish you luck
But please do hurry Starbucks stock just dropped
I know your doing this for you and the family
But have you stopped to think of the economy

Sandy is it safe?
Is your head drumming that jungle beat
Should Scott and the girls slip out the back
Count their losses over their lives and take to the streets

They've stuck to you like glue
Through all of life's ups and downs
If you must know the truth
They're going to miss having wife and mom around

Sandy is it safe?
Seems to be the question of the day
Wait..this is only day two, are you kidding me?!
Between you and me we were all hoping for three!!

Don't worry we just sent a search party out looking
For caffeine free 5 hour energy
We'll have you back to normal in no time
Well as normal as you'll ever be!

One last question I pose
Which brings this all to a close
Sandy is it safe?
I have a friend that's on day two a three day clean and has to go caffeine free (Oh The Horrors!) This is just a little something I came up with to cheer her up...
Mike Hauser
Written by
Mike Hauser  Sunny Florida
(Sunny Florida)   
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