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Dec 2014
Spirits Live On

I can hear the wind outside gusting-
I can see the swaying branches on the barren trees outside,
And a foreboding clouded sky where wild geese are calling-
The skies shall darken further with the setting of the sun and
Winter will have begun once again.
I fear this time of year when the world falls into a deepening slumber-
It is the time of year when cold air can become bitter
It is the time of year when my mother passed away- Twenty two years ago.

I fear the sounds of winter- The wind fiercely whistling as it blows-
I fear winter storms where the snowfalls are heavy,
I am locked inside of my home
Fearful of the cold air outside enveloping me-
I fear the darkening of the shorter days
I have locked myself inside a world of my own
But trying to grasp onto my sanity as I struggle to abandon past memories-

My mother’s ashes were scattered at sea
Near a sunny California beach-
Although she passed away at the dawn of a bleak winter’s day
I fear that her spirit was lost when she died =
And had awakened in some strangely foreign place-
I fear the loss of my own soul and spirit as
Winter has always been such a desolate time of year
A time where all hope seemingly slips away.

I recall the day I was taken away,
And I found myself in a bleak and unfamiliar place
I had lost more than peace of mind-I had lost my grasp on reality and
I still hear my mother crying as she exited the door to this dungeon, leaving me behind.
I now feel my own tears streaming down my cheeks-
My mother’s death had been tragic-we had lost ourselves in different ways
We both left this world when trees are barren, and when the days are shortened.
As snow is beginning to fall I close my eyes and dream-
That my spirit shall awaken by my mother’s side someday after I myself die-
Where we shall both find ourselves alive in a better place
Where clear skies shall awaken us with a new rebirth-
In a place where the sun never sets and we can be happy always to be alive-
Even if we are only alive in spirit-we shall laugh, be carefree and content
It has been said that our spirits will always find joy and freedom from fear-
And our spirits shall live on eternally…

Claudia Krizay
Claudia Anne Krizay
Written by
Claudia Anne Krizay  Silver Spring, Maryland
(Silver Spring, Maryland)   
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