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Dec 2014
Making you employees
Choke on minimum wage
Does nothing! You buy
Out voices with your lobbies!
No heart or soul as you turn the page
Against those who do their best to try
Living a life free of others' follies!
Daring to donate dollars and say you change
So much about life, while hopes die!

While you live the good life,
All those below you
Need to feed their kids,
Though, through your corporate strife,
Such desperate notions are slew!

People underneath your Golden Arches
Obviously aren't making near the
Very least to pay for life's charges!
Every chance you get, you stifle
Rallying cries, with checks larger
Than your employees will ever
Y**ield, so their lives all go ashes!
McDonalds spends millions of dollars a year silencing the voices of the working man. They protest wildly against raising minimum wages and do not care about their employees. McDonald's in Europe pay their employees $10-15 dollars an hour, but in the US they want to abolish minimum wages. If McDonalds raised the cost of a burger by just ten cents, they could afford to pay their employees more, but refuse. They sent an internal memos to their employees, telling them how to get by on $28 dollars a month for food, and advised employees to stop complaining. They do not care! Open your eyes to big business, people!
Frank Ruland
Written by
Frank Ruland  25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia
(25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia)   
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