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Dec 2014
i remember the bracelet you gave me.
it was wrapped up in a black and white box that
made my heart flutter like the sail erupting from it's bag
and so, when i put it on, i saw it's simplicity.
it's ribbon of stirling silver knotted together.
i sometimes look at my wrist and pretend that the bracelet hugging my small untouched bone-
is your fingers- touching every piece of my skin.
i sometimes go through the bag and the box the bracelet was set carefully in.
your love- still a part of me.

i'll scour through the box at three in the morning-
when i can't sleep and your on my mind.
i'll rack my thoughts and remember when you smiled
or when they thought, wow he really loved her.

and i want to find a message from you, despite our distance.
but i don't.

and every precious second i waste going through the bag and box-
and every minute i stare at my bracelet hanging from my slender wrist-
i break.
because i don't see a message in your scripted hand writing.
and i don't see your name carved into my bracelet.
and i know that your fingers will never be around my wrist feeling my pulse- my heartbeat for you.
because your there and i'm here and distance is too far
and ocean's are too wide
and currents are too strong.
and winds are too heavy.
recalling the memories as if they were the only thoughts
that kept me breathing, living.

yet, i want to pretend like i forgot you-
like you never were a part of me
bracelets don't mean a thing.
for emerson
Written by
   Kate Irons, --- and Devon Webb
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