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Dec 2014
A thousand faces swirled around me
Clamoring that my life be burned
Unable to make out the faces
Covered by the same veil found in the store
I hope that these men see my face
The horror that glows from my eyes
As if I died staring at the moon
Right now I hold the very oak
In which I locked eyes with her for the very first time
Memories of that first time rush through my mind
As the rope tightens around my neck, arms, and legs
Then I smell the fire from under me
I feel the heat on my soles
My feet start to sweat
The men throw their hats
They finally win
Like the town they pulled me from
I m also to go out as smoke and ash
The men laugh
They talk about a new world
One in which they rule
Was it about politics
Or as it about race
It doesn't matter now
My body now black from the flames
And me with no legacy to live on
This is a poem in the point of view of someone about to be burned during an age of oppression.
Written by
Talon Robinson  24/GA, USA
(24/GA, USA)   
   Sombro and Bluebird
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