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Dec 2014
Ode to a Deer

Do not run away and please do not fear me.
Although if you did fear me, I would comprehend-
Whether is it the force of evil that sears the soul of every human-
The loud and strident words that emanate from the moral fiber inside of us?
I was born under a different star- the steps I take are muted-
You are standing still; I can still see you nearby-I am a loner within a crowded world, and
Solitude is my way of life- to some, a forlorn existence, but to me a blessing-
Your silky coat and your antlers, tall and so delicate, and
Your legs are brawny yet graceful-
Are your soulful eyes now fixed upon my countenance, or
Are you now looking about the forest, your home, your place of birth?
I have abandoned crowds, tall buildings and cars rushing up and down highways,
I am seeking refuge here amongst nature and all of its mysterious glory-
Somewhere along my course of life,
I have tripped, fallen and somehow never grew to be part of the
Populated world to which nearly everyone awakens?
I say, β€œDo not fear me”- I am different from those who dwell in that madding crowd-
I am more like you than you could imagine-
Frightened of loud and unfamiliar noises and
Feeling more at home amongst trees, mountains, grass and wildflowers,
My wish is to become a deer as you are, although
I am human in my appearance, inside, God created me differently-
Losing myself inside the world of my thoughts and fantasies,
I shall approach you and we can dash through the forest together,
Never to see cars, or people fighting, and
Never to hear sirens, shouting or any city noises-
Let us run further and further away together, running until we find a place-
That place where silence rules except for the sounds of an autumn breeze
Rustling the leaves upon the trees and water rushing up and down a nearby creek-
Do not fear, we shall be safe, my heart beats with love of nature, not with rage-although
I still ask myself- what has this world outside of here come to?
Someplace in this course of life-something went astray – I shall never understand-
But it will not matter if we gallop lightly together and make our escape-
We have the woodlands, all of their magical splendor and
I have turned an imaginary key and locked the doors of misfortune behind us-
What matters is what exists inside our minds, souls and thoughts,
As we shall have one another,
Let the car engines roar and let millions of people jabber and shout-
I cannot hear them and I no longer fear them- I wish upon the stars above-
My world shall be what I make it, despite where I was born-
I sing with the birds and in my own way I fly with them-joyfully because
After much searching and wishing upon those stars- I have found a home…

Claudia Krizay
Claudia Anne Krizay
Written by
Claudia Anne Krizay  Silver Spring, Maryland
(Silver Spring, Maryland)   
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