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Dec 2014
When I was a young boy
they said i'm only getting older

but how was I to know then
that she'd be crying on my shoulder

put my money in a big house
get myself a pretty wife

she'll collect my life insurance
when she connects me with a knife

Somebody get the doctor
I'm feeling pretty poor

somebody get the stretcher
before I hit the floor

Cinderella save me
I lost my job, they kicked me out of my house

Everybody's got opinions
but nobody's got the answers

and the **** i ate for breakfast
well it'll only give me cancer

iā€™m running in a circle
running to the morning light

i ain't quite workable
it's been one hell of a night

somebody get the doctor
I think I'm gonna crash

never paid the bill
because I ain't got the cash

Cinderella save me
DC raw love
Written by
DC raw love  Alexandria
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