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Dec 2014
This morning I had, a terrible dream
It was the end of the world, which stuck in my head
It made me scared, it made me scream

This face in a cloud, a cloud in the sky, a ski with no sun
A burning red face, with burning red eyes
Was it Satin or was it God,
That then said, we’d be better off dead

It came and went, from time to time
It sat there and looked, with a face that is sound
It’s stuck in my head, this face that’s so real

It’s freighting beyond belief, it felt so real
I woke three times, why won’t it stop
Why is it there, it scared me a lot, why do I care

It was only a dream, which was stuck in my head
Why did it make me, scared when awake
So scared, that I wanted to be dead

I write about it now, while stuck in my head
This dream that I had, this dream that fades away
4:15 AM
DC raw love
Written by
DC raw love  Alexandria
   Crushing Love
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