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Nov 2014
Have you ever confused
A lesson
For a soulmate?

I was in the seventh grade when we met
He was biracial and had an amazing smile
We talked every day, even though I didn't have texting
And I thought he liked me

He just wanted the companionship
And nothing more
But I didn't see it that way

I told him I liked him
And he hit me
Saying he could never like me

I told him that three times
Over three years
Thinking eventually he would realize
He liked me

I mean, I thought I looked great
And wondered why the only guys
Who seemed to like me
Were "creeps"

Those "creeps" knew I had no chance
And I wish I knew the same
I wasn't looking to date anyone
Just to hug

Until he told me to commit suicide for the eighth time
I thought we were meant to be
But you wouldn't tell someone you liked
To end their life

I learned that he wasn't the one for me
Despite what I thought
We were not meant to be
But I was meant to learn

True friends won't hurt other friends
Crushes complicate everything
And the phrase "middle school sweetheart"
Is ultimately fake.
Written by
Emma Chatonoir
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