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Nov 2014
I see myself as emotionally damaged, soul damaged.
Selfish, Clingy, Miserable, unnecessary baggage.
I get these emotions and questions randomly.
I wonder if you forgot, or if i'm just too clingy.
I ask myself a question, my answers always blame,
but is it me? Am I just too confident to take the shame?
I wonder how you talk to me, what do you want with a girl like me?
I wonder how these people deal with a child like me.
wanting so much from the world, everything perfect,
spoiled little brat! why are you dumb! you haven't worked to deserve it.
You knew she was going to have a high chest!
I blame you! myself! for not being the best.
Why didn't you come back the same time, did you forget!?
do you get tired of talking to me, did you forget?
maybe i'm not your girl, i'm too messed up, greedy for the attention,
I forget you have a life too, looking for love you mentioned.
Popularity, Wealth, Branded Cars, A money Making job, A movie husband are all the things I've wished for.
To be liked by everyone, respected, looked high upon, smart, rich, beautiful, I want more.
Insatiable specie, what do you deserve, want nothing good, nothing bad, why cant you be normal!
I despise the word, it breaks my train of thought, my vibes.
you say it, ill only say it back, it might not have much of an effect on you. To be queen perfect I try.
You need someone who stays normal. I have my random behaviors,
all I really want is for you to play the script right, go on with the routine, tell me how wrong I am, be the...
Too strong of a praise. Only God can get, I deny I pushed him away, forgive the lost one I beg.
Soul surgery, I need to be fixed.
fixed so I can stop worrying, dreaming, failing.
All have been the battery that keeps me going, gives me power, i'm paling
dreams, failure, something I avoid, because both are related some how.
Failure, is your dreams crushed, and you dream not to be a failure.
Sometimes you wake up.
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