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Nov 2014
It came out of thin air, more like at night.
Just one night changed everything, everything right.
It continued for days, it continued for weeks.
It was a game at first, but now you play for keeps.
It's everything you want, but its so wrong.
It feels so right, the drug that makes you strong.
The insecurities, both related, keeps the feeling like magnets.
Attraction so strong, goes through deep, one text.
The text of a lifetime, future business.
Didn't come with a warning sign, on the forbidden list.
Brought confusion, mixed feelings of love and denial.
Questions, mostly why, only why, just why, love trials.
Don't question the feelings, let it flow like hot magma,
bursting out the earths. Now lava.
Then, it's acid rain, it burns a lot.
Can something ever exist, starting point, the top.
There's no bottom, nothing wrong except for one.
This is a case, meeting adjourned with the job not done.
Paper work makes perfect sense, fits together so well.
Secrets, feelings, words, jokes, Never kiss and tell.
Volcano, hot, steamy, smoking it is.
How could you want, need something you shouldn't have, Strictly Forbidden Business.
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