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Nov 2014
The joy felt inside the soul when your face appears.
Love at first sights. Sights.
Everytime I see you it is indeed like the first time.
A best friend you are for a while now.
Confession is good for the soul and I must confess what seeing you does to a young one like me.
A young one like you, we fit perfectly together.
Like a father holding his baby for the first time.
Not perfect, but perfect.
The edges that come with smoothe curves define our relationship.
If I ever told this thought to anyone older than me.
I am instantly shunned and cast aside for I have no home training.
Should the heart be cut out and put in a treasure box for safety.
Should I cross emotions out of every book in the world as it never exist, for I am not old enough to feel what the bigger ones feel.
You're wrong. Once she knows what is right or wrong in the world, she should have the ability to feel with humility.
The moment when you can be yourself to your best friend and the one you call your lover.
Then there are days you wonder about age and responsibilty, see we noticed and quite not oblivious to what is going on.
What if the so called high school crush is more than a crush.
What if it is destined at such an age we found ur missing rib, and that crush will be our last crush, and turn out to be our true love after all. True love which we felt from our hearts. True love from the start.
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