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Nov 2014
Everyday I wake up breathing the same air as those I call friends.
They know thats not what they are, who they are. It'll never end,
The long days of critisism, false accusations, random assumptions.
Oh don't pretend like thats who you are, your being a complete fool.
Don't think it makes you look biggger, intriguing, authorative or cool.
Dont try to look for excuses for your behavior,
Why sympathy and popularity is what you crave for.
You have fooled many but the biggest is yourself.
You try to think of situations where you aren't the bad person,
But it all leads back to you not making any sense at all, again just you not being yourself.
You cry to find a reason to cry.
This isn't who you are, just a simple soul looking for something to stand by.
Well it's funny your told to look in the mirror, the way you steam like tea,
Because whenever I look in the mirror hypocrisy stares at me.
Written by
     ---, Cyrille Octaviano and Erenn
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