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Nov 2014
i walk inside the shopping mall
with all of the stores
and the brands
and i don’t have much of an interest
in anything here at all
why am i pondering my life
and being existential
more than ever
as i walk alone in this mall
i’ve never been this low
in months
what the **** is going on
stop buying **** you stupid *****
do something else
is my thought
because you do not need all this ****
find someone to hug
or hold
or talk to
that’s the only way
you’ll probably be okay
because we all need someone to hold us when we fall down
but as much as i love a book
it is one-sided
it does not respond
a video game
does not play back to you
a movie
cannot watch and comment with you
a piece of clothing
can only be worn
stop buying so much stuff
you’re making me all so insane
and i feel more alone
and depressed
in this shopping mall
than i have in months
oh god
i cannot stop you
and it is your personal choice
and i respect that
but i still will question and ponder
all this pointless *******

just find some people to hold onto…
we’ll endure and survive...
i hope?
Written by
AvengingPoet  A place
(A place)   
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