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Nov 2014
The land of the free
and home of the brave
torn to pieces as
the free are murdered
and the brave incarcerated.

It was not
built on fear
but there is still fear
as those sent to protect
instead purge on the innocent.

Where I as a white
have a right to life
while my peers of color
fear for their life
because they're black.

Home of those
who live their lives
as if in Heaven
and those who can't breathe
because it feels like Hell.

Why should I
respect a country
that treats me with
respect, loyalty and peace
because I'm white?

Why do these people,
who with different colored skin
who are just like me
get treated with
disgust, injustice, and violence?

Am I not allowed
to be outraged?
Am I supposed to
assume that this is
the *American Dream?
We love books about this, but don't care for the real life experience. It's sickening.
Written by
Mitchie  Michigan
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