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Nov 2014
If there's one thing i would tell you right now, it'd be that i love you.

I love you i love you i love you.

I've loved you since the day i met you, and I'll love you till the day i die.

Hey Haley, I'm Willem.

From the moment those words escaped from between those lips, I wanted more.

I remember barely glancing up as i said hello.

Because you were the most beautiful person i had ever seen.

But i had already learned that i wasn't going to let myself feel things anymore, let alone let somebody in.

But when i got home, my mind was filled with you.
With your voice,
Your lips,
Those words.

And i knew i needed more more more.

And then we started talking on a daily basis.

And i still wanted more.

You taught me that feeling things is what makes us be alive, and i can honestly say that i was not living until the day i met you.

And before i knew it, 2 years have gone by.

And here we are.

My mind is still filled with you.
Your voice,
Your touch,
Your thrusts.

Your smile,
And your laugh.

And if there's one thing i would tell you right now, it'd be that i love you.

And you've given me so much more than i could've ever asked for.

But I'll always need more.

More of your voice,
More of your touch,
More of your smiles
And your laughs.
More of your thrusts,

And most importantly,
More of you.
Written by
   unknown, Sound Of Rain and SPT
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