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Nov 2014
I hate myself

I am trapped within the walls of my insatiable desires
I grasp the edifice with my bare hands
And attempt to pull myself up with all my strength
But it is hopeless and I rest against the solid wall

With each passing day of rest
The fortitude within me begins to crumble
I can feel the place beginning to collapse on itself
Trapping me in the rubble

Somebody help me

I cannot just rest I need to find the way out
Before this all crumbles down
Stand up and call
Call to those on the outside to come and save you

They don't come quickly enough
The foundation is in near collapse
I give up and try in vain to climb the edifice by itself
But I cannot do it, there is no way I can do this on my own

I'm glad you've finally came

You have come and saved me just in time
You arrived in time and yelled to me to grab your hand
I took hold of your tender hands
And the hands pulled me up with strength that goes beyond mere power

We reached the other end and we slowly walk away
You tell me not to look back and I obey
We move away from the edifice that once surrounded me
I decide to follow you and never turn back

It all went away

The edifice that once existed had disappeared
Not a single ounce of rubble nor remnants remain
The place where it once sat was covered with beauty
A peace enveloped it as trees began to bear fruit again

The pilgrimage out of the edifice
Would be treacherous to even the strongest of travelers
But you made the process seem easy
The hateful foundation that once was there had collapsed but I have escaped it.
Achieving victory in your name

I have learned to love myself through you
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
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