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Nov 2014
the fluorescent light buzzes overhead,
like some sort of bright swollen bee
not sure if he is the type concerned with honey making
or human stinging

i walk over to the cold floored
***** mirrored
always somehow slightly damp bathroom
and when i wash the painter's pallet of makeup off of my face
what am i left with?
a blank face, dull eyes
staring into a blank face with dull eyes
we are told that those colorful smudges on our face
somehow make us more beautiful
but in the eyes of. . . ?

doesn't matter

the carpet, though clean
is always somehow *****
how many people have lived in this room before me again?
100? 1000?
each of them as much in this room as i am
they surely must have noticed what i have
the ceiling tile near the door that has nearly fallen out
that one yellow tile in the bathroom that should be blue
the way the window will only lock if you have the
and patience
of at least three people

if walls could talk
or anything in this room for that matter
i'm not sure i would want to hear what they had to say
Written by
     Lior Gavra and Tomaz Dean
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