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Nov 2014
12:48 am
**** god and religon **** presidents and their ******* **** school **** laws **** normality **** clothes **** ***** **** drugs **** love **** sexism **** rascism **** blood **** words **** suicide **** murderers **** rapists **** knives **** guns ******* **** this poem **** this aint even a poem **** this

11:58 am
its like everything in the world is so beautiful and i am in love with everyone and everything and theres so much beauty and so much love that i cant function because theres no way for me to experience it all and theres no way for me to love all of it back
i hate that i do this (everything is black or white-good or bad)
its all either awful or wonderful
Jade M Matelski
Written by
Jade M Matelski
       sankavi, Myranda Earl, Azaria, Pokkuri, fdg and 11 others
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