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Nov 2014
Thoughts will churn round and round,
Some of them will hit the ground,
The thoughts cause the heart to ache,
Wondering when will i get a break?.
Days of endless struggle are these,
More hopeful pills today,
Trying to appear normal,
In some sort of way.
It seems the struggle is always here with me,
I know there's been many who've had it worse,
People say i have alot going for me,
I'm sorry but i just can't see,
Because my worst enemy is inside of me.
Wishing to be enthusiastic,
Instead of feeling like I'm made of lead.
Wanting to be excited,
Wanting to care more,
Sometimes my emotions are through the floor.
Cluttered mind, cluttered thinking,
It's hard to focus and not worry too much.
I feel that everyone is better than me,
And that i can't do anything right,
This is how i've felt all my life.
This just didn't happen over night.
No confidence in myself to speak my mind,
Any of these problems would be a vice,
But having this monster inside me how do i fight?.

Written 15th Nov 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Written by
Kelly O'hara  Scarborough
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