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Nov 2014
"Heartbreak lunges at me when I read your words"

Yes, I see the feel the searing sting of a knife
when I read poems about your life,
and I can sense a sickening strife.

"I know too well what the feeling's worth"

My heart's been shattered
more times than the **** thing matters.
We hand them our lives upon a silver platter.

"Poetic prowess, not to mention heart"

Such skill, soul, and thought
go into each of your plots
that you pen with strength you've wrought.

"Captured my starlight from the start"

We live our lives inside imagination,
each of us weaving interpretations
of life, love, and lamentations.

"Fight the good fight and show us your soul"

You may not bear the dog tags,
but in you there's a soldier that doesn't lag
the strength to wave your heart's flag.

"So much potential to forge control"**

Do your best to keep a soulful smile,
and I swear everything that riles
your soul will settle, then be worth the while.
Ember, I've seen some of your works on HP, and I just really wanna say that you strike me as strong, witty, soulful. and more than capable to bear anything that life may throw at you. I know that it (and people) are occasionally cruel, but it never stays that way forever. I sense you're a good person, and I wish you the best on your life's travels. Hoorah, soldier.
Frank Ruland
Written by
Frank Ruland  25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia
(25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia)   
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